The Greens or Greens may refer to:

Current political parties

*Australian Greens, also known as ''The Greens'' *Greens of Andorra *Greens of Bosnia and Herzegovina *Greens of Burkina *Greens (Greece) *Greens of Montenegro *Greens of Serbia *Greens of Slovenia *The Greens (Benin) *The Greens (Bulgaria) *The Greens (Denmark) *Green League (Finland), also known as ''The Greens'' *The Greens (Israel) *The Greens (Luxembourg) *The Greens (Mauritius) *The Greens (Netherlands) *The Greens (Poland) *Greens (South Tyrol)

Historical political parties

*The Greens (France) * The Greens, a political faction and associated chariot-racing team in the Byzantine empire; involved in the deadly Nika riots of 532

Political parties or groups with similar titles

*Alliance 90/The Greens, Germany *Confederation of the Greens, Spain *Ecologist Party "The Greens", Portugal *Europe Ecology – The Greens, France *Federation of the Greens, Italy *Greens–European Free Alliance, in the European Parliament *The Greens – The Green Alternative, Austria

See also

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