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The Great Mint Swindle
The Great Mint Swindle
is a 2012 Australian television film directed by Geoff Bennett and starring Grant Bowler, Todd Lasance
Todd Lasance
and Josh Quong Tart. It is based on the Perth Mint Swindle
Perth Mint Swindle
which took place in the 1980s.[1]


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Plot summary[edit] In the beginning of the 1980s boom in Western Australia, the Mickleberg brothers Ray (Grant Bowler), Peter (Todd Lasance) and Brian (Josh Quong Tart) spend their days looking for adventure and finding new ways to earn money. One day, they are accused of stealing 49 gold bars from a mint in Perth
and selling them to tycoon Alan Bond (David Meadows). For 20 years, the fight to clear the Mickleberg brothers of a crime that they didn't commit goes on which to this day remains unsolved. Cast[edit]

Grant Bowler
Grant Bowler
as Ray Mickleberg Todd Lasance
Todd Lasance
as Peter Mickleberg Josh Quong Tart
Josh Quong Tart
as Brian Mickleberg Shane Bourne
Shane Bourne
as Don Hancock John Batchelor as Tony Lewandowski Maya Stange as Sheryl Mickelberg Caroline McKenzie as Peg Mickelberg Abby Earl
Abby Earl
as Diana Talei Howell-Price as Fay Mickleberg

Reception[edit] Reviews for The Great Mint Swindle
The Great Mint Swindle
have been positive. IMDb
gave the film a rating of 7.3/10. See also[edit]

The Great Gold Swindle, a 1984 telemovie that's also about the mint swindle


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The Great Mint Swindle
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