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The Girl from Monaco
(original title: La Fille de Monaco) is a 2008 French comedy-drama film directed by Anne Fontaine. The film stars Fabrice Luchini, Roschdy Zem, Louise Bourgoin, and Stéphane Audran.


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Plot[edit] Middle-aged and highly successful lawyer Bertrand Beauvois (Fabrice Luchini) is hired by Monaco
businessman Louis Lassalle (Gilles Cohen) to defend his mother Édith Lassalle (Stéphane Audran), who has killed her former lover. Lassalle assigns a bodyguard to Beauvois, Christophe Abadi (Roschdy Zem). Audrey Varella (Louise Bourgoin), a beautiful local TV weather girl, who is highly promiscuous, and whose previous lovers include Christophe, enamors Beauvois, hoping to make a better life with him. This despite the warnings of Christophe to Beauvois, who have formed a bond of friendship, to stay away from her. Audrey spends all her time with Beauvois, including nights of exhausting wild sex, and Beauvois entreats Christophe to do something that she should disappear from his life. He then continues to the court, for his final plead in the Lassalle case. After having sex with her, Christophe pushes Audrey and her scooter from the road, and kills her. Beauvois willingly takes the blame. In one of the last scenes we see Mrs. Lassalle being freed from prison after only one year of imprisonment, while Beauvois remains among the inmates. Cast[edit]

Fabrice Luchini
Fabrice Luchini
as Bertrand Beauvois Roschdy Zem as Christophe Abadi Louise Bourgoin
Louise Bourgoin
as Audrey Varella Stéphane Audran as Édith Lassalle (Final film before her death 10 years later) Jeanne Balibar
Jeanne Balibar
as Hélène Gilles Cohen as Louis Lassalle Alexandre Steiger as Alain Philippe Duclos as Inspector Taurand Christophe Vandevelde as Tony

Awards and nominations[edit]

César Awards
César Awards

Nominated: Best Actor – Supporting Role (Roschdy Zem) Nominated: Most Promising Actress (Louise Bourgoin)


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