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The Farmer Refuted, published in February 1775, was Alexander Hamilton's second published work, a follow-up to his 1774 A Full Vindication of the Measures of Congress.[1] Summary of publication[edit] In The Farmer Refuted, Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton
addresses directly the main person whom he was writing in opposition to with his first work, Bishop Samuel Seabury. Seabury wrote under the name "A. W. Farmer" (a pen name, and abbreviation for 'a Westchester farmer'). Calling the writing a less than imposed "labyrinth of subtilty,"[2] Hamilton once again refutes Seabury's claim that the Congress in Philadelphia deserved to be condemned for conduct. He also critiques the writings of Seabury stating that the Colonies can exist in their advocacy against Parliament's acts while remaining loyal to the King of Great Britain,[2] stating that it is only by "occasion" that Parliament's acts give authority to the King, Hamilton asserts his belief that "He is king of America by virtue of a compact between us and the kings of Great Britain." In popular culture[edit] The Farmer Refuted is addressed in the 2015 hit Broadway musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda in the song "Farmer Refuted,"[3] which is about Alexander's arguments with Seabury. References[edit]

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