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The Eyes of Mystery
The Eyes of Mystery
is a lost[1] 1918 American silent mystery film directed by Tod Browning
Tod Browning
starring Edith Storey.[2]


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Plot[edit] As described in a film magazine,[3] Carma Carmichael (Storey), who lives with her uncle Quincy Carmichael (Andrews), is kidnapped by her father and held for ransom. In order to trap the criminals and secure Jack Carrington (Barker) as Carma's husband, Quincy fakes his death and makes Jack his heir. Carma is angered by her uncle's action is determined to take her rightful place. By going through some of her uncle's papers, she discovers that the man she believes to be her father is an impostor and that her father is dead. Carma's supposed father and a group of moonshiners attack the Carmichael home and are fought off by Carma, Jack, and a friend. Quincy, believing it is time to return to life, does so in time to get the sheriff's posse on the house grounds, drive off the moonshiners, and capture the crooks. Cast[edit]

Edith Storey
Edith Storey
as Carma Carmichael Bradley Barker
Bradley Barker
as Jack Carrington Harry Northrup
Harry Northrup
as Roger Carmichael (credited as Harry S. Northrup) Frank Andrews as Quincy Carmichael Kempton Greene
Kempton Greene
as Steve Graham Frank Bennett as Seth Megget (credited as Frank Fisher Bennett) Louis Wolheim
Louis Wolheim
as Brad Tilton (credited as Louis R. Wolheim) Anthony Byrd as Uncle George Pauline Dempsey as Aunt Liza Monte Blue
Monte Blue
*uncredited role

Reception[edit] Like many American films of the time, The Eyes of Mystery
The Eyes of Mystery
was subject to cuts by city and state film censorship boards. For example, the Chicago Board of Censors required a cut, in Reel 1, of slugging a man, Reel 4, the vision of shooting Carma's father, Reel 5, five views of moonshiners shooting at house, Carma shooting man in white and shooting man out of tree, throwing man over porch, two scenes of breaking door with ax, closeup of shooting where Carma is used as a shield, overseer shooting Carma's father and he shooting overseer.[4] References[edit]

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The Eyes of Mystery
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