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The Evil Forest (Spanish: Parsifal) is a 1951 Spanish drama film directed by Daniel Mangrané. It was entered into the 1952 Cannes Film Festival.[1] Cast[edit]

Gustavo Rojo - Parsifal Ludmilla Tchérina - Kundry Félix de Pomés - Klingsor Jesús Varela - The Dwarf Ángel Jordán - Roderico José Luis Hernández - Parsifal - as a young boy Teresa Planell - The Old Woman Alfonso Estela - Anfortas Carlo Tamberlani - Gurnemancio José Bruguera - Titurel Ricardo Fusté - Alisan Nuria Alfonso - Rage Tony Domenech - Gluttony Rosa Monero - Sloth Elena Montevar - Envy Carmen Zaro - Greed Carmen de Lirio - Pride Josefina Ramos - Lust


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