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The DuPont
Show with June Allyson
June Allyson
(also known as The June Allyson Show) is an American anthology drama series which aired on CBS
from September 21, 1959, to April 3, 1961, with rebroadcasts continuing until June 12, 1961. The series was hosted by actress June Allyson
June Allyson
and was a Four Star-Pamric Production.


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Overview[edit] Allyson was the third woman in network history to host such a series, her predecessors having been Loretta Young
Loretta Young
and Jane Wyman. Like Young and Wyman, she not only hosted the series but starred in nearly two dozen of the fifty-seven produced episodes. Some of the best known actors appeared on the series, including then husband and studio boss Dick Powell, Ginger Rogers, Harpo Marx, Bette Davis, and Ronald Reagan.[1] The Delaware-based DuPont Company
DuPont Company
also sponsored the DuPont
Show of the Month, a 90-minute dramatic episodes which aired from 1957-1961. Allyson's series was filmed at Four Star Television
Four Star Television
Studios, a creation of Dick Powell
Dick Powell
as well as Ida Lupino, Charles Boyer, and David Niven.[2] In the 1959-1960 season, The DuPont
Show with June Allyson
June Allyson
aired at 10:30 p.m. Eastern on Mondays after Jackie Cooper's sitcom, Hennesey, the story of a United States Navy
United States Navy
physician. ABC aired Charles Bronson's Man with a Camera in this same time slot. NBC
ran the second half of The Steve Allen
Steve Allen
Show, a variety program. In the second season, The DuPont
Show with June Allyson
June Allyson
ran at 10:30 p.m. on Thursday after Edward R. Murrow's Person to Person CBS
interview program. There was little effective competition from the other networks in the Thursday slot. ABC aired Take a Good Look, a quiz program starring Ernie Kovacs, and NBC
reverted the half-hour of time to the local stations.[3] Episode guide[edit] Season 1[edit]

Episode # Episode title Original airdate Guest stars

1-1 "Ruth and Naomi" September 21, 1959 Peter Mark Richman
Peter Mark Richman
and Ann Harding

1-2 "Dark Morning" September 28, 1959 Bette Davis
Bette Davis
and Leif Erickson

1-3 "The Opening Door" October 5, 1959 Virginia Christine
Virginia Christine
and Irene Dunne

1-4 "A Summer's Ending" October 12, 1959 Dick Powell

1-5 "The Tender Shoot" October 19, 1959 Ginger Rogers

1-6 "The Pledge" October 26, 1959 Mona Freeman
Mona Freeman
and Don Keefer

1-7 "Love Is a Headache" November 2, 1959 Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez
and Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr.

1-8 "Child Lost" November 16, 1959 Steve Brodie and Ron Howard

1-9 "Night Out" November 23, 1959 Pat Carroll and Ann Sothern

1-10 "The Girl" November 30, 1959 James Coburn, Ellen Corby
Ellen Corby
and Jane Powell

1-11 "The Wall Between" December 7, 1959 Kevin McCarthy

1-12 "The Crossing" December 14, 1959 Dolores Hart
Dolores Hart
and Howard Petrie

1-13 "No Place to Hide" December 21, 1959 Robert Horton, Debra Paget
Debra Paget
and Don Rickles

1-14 "Suspected" December 28, 1959 Marjorie Bennett, Ann Blyth, and Gerald Mohr

1-15 "Edge of Fury" January 4, 1960 Dan O'Herlihy

1-16 "The Trench Coat" January 11, 1960 Phyllis Coates, David Niven, Ann McCrea, and Lyle Talbot

1-17 "The Way Home" January 18, 1960 Ronald Reagan

1-18 "Moment of Fear" January 25, 1960 Edgar Bergen
Edgar Bergen
and Stephen McNally

1-19 "So Dim the Light" February 1, 1960 Robert Culp
Robert Culp
and Ray Boyle

1-20 "Trial by Fear" February 8, 1960 Chuck Connors

1-21 "Threat of Evil" February 15, 1960 Pat Crowley

1-22 "Escape" February 22, 1960 Brian Donlevy, Frank Lovejoy, Margaret O'Brien, and Sylvia Sidney

1-23 "Piano Man" February 29, 1960 Vic Damone
Vic Damone
and Keenan Wynn

1-24 "Sister Mary Slugger" March 14, 1960 Rich Correll

1-25 "The Blue Goose" March 21, 1960 Joseph Cotten
Joseph Cotten
and Susan Oliver

1-26 "Once Upon a Knight" March 28, 1960 Jean Hagen
Jean Hagen
and James Mason

1-27 "Slip of the Tongue" April 11, 1960 Virginia Grey
Virginia Grey
and William Schallert

1-28 "Surprise Party" April 18, 1960 Mark Goddard
Mark Goddard
and Myrna Loy

1-29 "The Doctor and the Redhead" April 25, 1960 Felicia Farr, Regis Toomey, and Mary Treen

1-30 "Intermission" May 2, 1960 Russell Johnson

Season 2[edit]

Episode # Episode title Original airdate Guest stars

2-1 "The Lie" September 29, 1960 Mark Damon

2-2 "The Dance Man" October 6, 1960 Ann Baxter
Ann Baxter
and Dean Stockwell

2-3 "Dark Fear" October 13, 1960 Joseph Cotten
Joseph Cotten
and Juanita Moore

2-4 "The Test" October 20, 1960 Eduard Franz
Eduard Franz
and Robert Knapp

2-5 "Play Acting" October 27, 1960 Steve Allen
Steve Allen
and Rhys Williams

2-6 "The Women Who" November 3, 1960 Van Johnson

2-7 "I Hit and Ran" November 10, 1960 Stephen Talbot

2-8 "Love on Credit" November 17, 1960 James Best
James Best
and Carolyn Jones

2-9 "The Visitor" November 24, 1960 Harry Townes

2-10 "A Thief or Two" December 1, 1960 Lew Ayres
Lew Ayres
and David White

2-11 "Emergency" December 8, 1960 Robert Vaughn

2-12 "The Desperate Challenge" December 15, 1960 Russell Johnson

2-13 "A Silent Panic" December 22, 1960 Harpo Marx, Ernest Truex

2-14 "End of a Mission" January 2, 1961 Steve Forrest

2-15 "The Defense Is Restless" January 9, 1961 John Lasell

2-16 "The Guilty Heart" January 16, 1961 James Franciscus
James Franciscus
and Susan Kohner

2-17 "An Affair in Athens" January 23, 1961 Michael Davis

2-18 "School of the Soldier" January 30, 1961 Lee J. Cobb, Robert Easton, and Dick York

2-19 "Without Fear" February 6, 1961 Edward Binns

2-20 "A Great Day for a Scoundrel" February 13, 1961 John Abbot and Hans Conried

2-21 "The Old-Fashioned Way" February 20, 1961 Charles Lane, Dick Shawn, Rebecca Welles

2-22 "The Moth" February 27, 1961 Joe Maross

2-23 "The Haven" March 6, 1961 Ralph Bellamy
Ralph Bellamy
and Patricia Breslin

2-24 "The Man Who Wanted Everything Perfect" March 13, 1961 Russell Nype

2-25 "The Secret Life of James Thurber" March 20, 1961 Orson Bean
Orson Bean
and Adolphe Menjou

2-26 "Our Man in Rome" March 27, 1961 Rossano Brazzi
Rossano Brazzi
and Eugenie Leontovich

2-27 "Death of the Temple Bay" April 3, 1961 Lloyd Bridges


^ "Biography of June Allyson". Juneallyson.com. Retrieved March 21, 2009.  ^ Alex McNeil, Total Television, New York: Penguin Books, 1996, 4th ed., pp. 243, 422 ^ Total Television, television schedule, appendix

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