The Info List - The Delphian School

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THE DELPHIAN SCHOOL is a co-ed K–12 private school operated by Delphi Schools , which employs L. Ron Hubbard 's study techniques, known as Study Tech . It is located in unincorporated Yamhill County , Oregon
, near Sheridan . The school operates primarily as a boarding school , with most students living on campus either full-time or five-day (going home for the weekends). The school also accepts day students; boarders must be at least eight years old, while day students can be as young as five. Most of the school's 272 students are in grades 8 -12 .


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In the fall of 1976, the Delphian School opened on the site of a former a Jesuit novitiate near Sheridan, Oregon . The main building on campus is a four-story, Art Deco-style building with a brick exterior that was designed by Poole ">


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