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The Dark Discovery
The Dark Discovery
is the debut studio album by Swedish progressive metal band Evergrey. It was recorded in 1996, but not released until 1998.


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Track listing[edit] All lyrics written by Tom S. Englund
Tom S. Englund
except where noted; all music composed by Evergrey.

No. Title Lyrics Length

1. "Blackened Dawn"   3:52

2. "December 26th"   5:05

3. "Dark Discovery"   3:35

4. "As Light Is Our Darkness" Daniel Nojd, Englund 2:00

5. "Beyond Salvation"   4:03

6. "Closed Eyes"   6:39

7. "Trust and Betrayal"   4:18

8. "Shadowed"   3:52

9. "When the River Calls"   4:28

10. "For Every Tear That Falls"   4:14

11. "To Hope Is to Fear"   5:41

Total length: 47:47

2004 Special

No. Title Length

12. "For Every Tear That Falls" (Bonus video) 4:13

Total length: 52:00

Performers[edit] Band:

Tom S. Englund
Tom S. Englund
- vocals, guitar Dan Bronell - guitar Daniel Nojd - bass Patrick Carlsson - drums Will Chandra - keyboards


Carina Kjellberg - All female vocals Andy LaRocque
Andy LaRocque
- Guest guitar on "Closed Eyes" Mattias IA Eklundh - Guest guitar on "When the River Calls"


^ The Dark Discovery
The Dark Discovery
( Special
Edition) (booklet). Evergrey. Inside Out Music. 2004. p. 12. 

External links[edit]

The Dark Discovery
The Dark Discovery
lyrics at Evergrey.net

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Tom S. Englund Rikard Zander Johan Niemann Henrik Danhage Jonas Ekdahl

Patrick Carlsson Dan Bronell Daniel Nöjd Will Chandra Sven Karlsson Michael Håkansson Christian Rehn Fredrik Larsson Jari Kainulainen Marcus Jidell Hannes Van Dahl

Studio albums

The Dark Discovery
The Dark Discovery
(1998) Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy
Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy
(1999) In Search of Truth
In Search of Truth
(2001) Recreation Day
Recreation Day
(2003) The Inner Circle (2004) Monday Morning Apocalypse
Monday Morning Apocalypse
(2006) Torn (2008) Glorious Collision
Glorious Collision
(2011) Hymns for the Broken
Hymns for the Broken
(2014) The Storm Within (2016)

Live albums

A Night to Remember (Gothenburg Concert CD&DVD) (2005)



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