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The Bullfighters
The Bullfighters
is the penultimate feature film starring Laurel and Hardy, and the final film the duo released in the United States.


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Plot[edit] Private detectives Stan Laurel
Stan Laurel
and Oliver Hardy
Oliver Hardy
travel from their hometown of Peoria, Illinois
Peoria, Illinois
to Mexico City in pursuit of an infamous female larcenist named Hattie Blake (Carol Andrews), who is publicly known as ”Larceny Nell”. Meanwhile, an American sports promoter, Richard K. Muldoon (Ralph Sanford) meets with publicity man ”Hot Shot” Coleman (Richard Lane), and his assistant (Irving Gump) to discuss an upcoming bullfight featuring famed Spanish matador Don Sebastian. But when Muldoon sees pictures of the bullfighter he becomes enraged; Don Sebastian looks exactly like Laurel. Hot Shot is confused until Muldoon tells him the story: Eight years earlier in Peoria, Laurel and Hardy
Laurel and Hardy
both testified against Muldoon in a criminal case, and Muldoon was wrongfully convicted of the crime (the details of which were never specified) and granted a twenty-year jail sentence; However, after five years the true criminal confessed to the crime and Muldoon was subsequently released. But while in prison he had lost his wife and business and had to start all over in Mexico. He still holds a grudge against Stan and Ollie and vows revenge showing a large knife: "Someday our paths will cross! And when they do, I'll skin them alive! First the little one, then the big one! I'll skin them both alive!!" Meanwhile, Ollie and Stan confront Blake in an attempt to arrest her only for her to snatch the papers that permit them to arrest her outside the States followed by an egg-breaking tit for tat sequence before she escapes. They run into Coleman who sees Stan's uncanny resemblance to the bullfighter. Since the real Don Sebastian's arrival is delayed because of passport trouble, Coleman, after telling the confused Ollie and Stan about Stan's resemblance to Don Sebastian and the vengeful Muldoon's wrongful conviction, forces Stan to impersonate the bullfighter in the meantime, threatening to reveal his and Ollie's presence to Muldoon if he doesn’t cooperate, but promising them a very handsome payment for their trouble if he does. Stan reluctantly agrees only because Hot Shot promises he won't have to fight bulls. But eventually, the real Don Sebastian's passport trouble turns out to be worse than originally feared and so Stan will have to take his place in the ring and fight bulls after all. On the day of the fight Stan, nervous about fighting bulls, gets drunk. But then, unbeknownst to anyone, the real Don Sebastian has somehow miraculously contrived to making it to Mexico City just in time for the big bullfight. Ollie mistakes him for Stan and forces him into the arena. Stan staggers up, and Hardy sends him into battle. With two Laurels in the ring, the outraged spectators cry foul, especially Muldoon, who now recognizes "Don Sebastian" as the Stan Laurel from Peoria who sent him up for twenty years and in a livid frenzy punches out Hot Shot. Every bull in the arena is then unleashed. Stan and Ollie try to escape the vengeful Muldoon, but not fast enough; Stan and Oliver, while packing for their flight back home and planning to sneak away to the airport, discover Muldoon hiding in their closet, his knife handy. Just like he promised, he executes his threat on them and skins them alive, leaving them, except their heads, in bare bones. Ollie says his "another nice mess…" catchphrase to Stan. Stan whimpers before Ollie decides to go back home to Peoria, "where we belong!" Production[edit] Laurel wrote and directed portions of the feature.,[1] which was produced in late 1944 and released in May 1945. The revenge plot was reworked from their short film Going Bye-Bye!
Going Bye-Bye!
(1934), and a tit for tat egg-breaking sequence was reprised from the MGM
all-star feature Hollywood Party, in which the team appeared in guest roles. This was Laurel and Hardy's last American film and also the film debut of Frank McCown, who later became famous as Rory Calhoun. Laurel and Hardy
Laurel and Hardy
were scheduled to make another film for 20th Century-Fox in the spring of 1945, but the studio discontinued all B-picture production at the end of 1944 and closed the Laurel and Hardy unit. When The Bullfighters
The Bullfighters
became a hit, the studio offered to reopen the entire B department just for Laurel and Hardy, but the comedians declined.[2] Thus, The Bullfighters
The Bullfighters
turned out to be Laurel & Hardy's final American film. (Their very last film, Atoll K, was produced in France in 1950-51.) Cast[edit]

Stan Laurel
Stan Laurel
as Stan / Don Sebastian Oliver Hardy
Oliver Hardy
as Ollie Richard Lane as 'Hot Shot' Coleman Irving Gump as Mr. Gump Carol Andrews as Hattie Blake Diosa Costello
Diosa Costello
as Conchita Ralph Sanford as Richard K. Muldoon Margo Woode as Señorita Tangerine Rory Calhoun
Rory Calhoun
as El Brillante - Disgusted Matador Hank Worden
Hank Worden
as Mr. McCoy Max Wagner
Max Wagner
as Farmer Emmett Vogan
Emmett Vogan
as Prosecutor Cyril Ring as Cafe Customer Jay Novello
Jay Novello
as Luis - Maitre d' Edward Gargan
Edward Gargan
as Vasso - Man Practicing Speech


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