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The Bachelor Father
The Bachelor Father
is a 1931 American pre-Code MGM
drama film directed by Robert Z. Leonard. The film stars Marion Davies, Ralph Forbes and C. Aubrey Smith.


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Plot[edit] Ageing English bachelor Sir Basil Winterton (C. Aubrey Smith) suddenly has his hands full when his three grown (illegitimate) children return. Tony (Marion Davies) is a sharp tongued New Yorker, Maria is an aspiring opera singer and Ray Milland
Ray Milland
is the son. Tony and Basil grow fond of each other, as do Tony and Ashley, but Sir Basil's Lawyer strikes when Tony learns that she is not really the daughter of Sir Basil. Sir Basil soon learns of the mistake and confronts Tony. She leaves Basil's estate and on flying back to the United States her plane crashes on take-off as Sir Basil reads a telegram that Tony sent before she boarded the plane. It explained that she loved him very much and she was sorry for what had happened. Luckily Tony has survived the disaster and is carried into Sir Basil's living room to rest by Ashley. The film ends happily with Sir Basil promising to adopt Tony and Ashley promising to make her his wife. Cast (in credits order)[edit]

Marion Davies
Marion Davies
as Antoinette Flagg Ralph Forbes as John Ashley C. Aubrey Smith
C. Aubrey Smith
as Sir Basil Algernon Winterton Ray Milland
Ray Milland
as Geoffrey Trent Guinn Williams as Richard Berney David Torrence as Dr Frank MacDonald Doris Lloyd
Doris Lloyd
as Mrs Julia Webb Edgar Norton
Edgar Norton
as Bolton, The Second Butler Nina Quartero
Nina Quartero
as Maria Credaro Halliwell Hobbes
Halliwell Hobbes
as Larkin, The Butler James Gordon as Carson Creswell, a lawyer

Foreign Language Version[edit] One foreign language version was produced by MGM
in French and was entitled Le père célibataire. It was released in 1931 and starred Lili Damita.[citation needed] References[edit]

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