''The American Interest'' (''AI'') is a bimonthly magazine focusing primarily on foreign policy, international affairs, global economics, and military matters. Selected articles are available free online.


The magazine was founded in 2005 by a number of members of the editorial board of ''The National Interest'', led by Francis Fukuyama, who stated that they were upset by changes to that journal's editorial policy implemented by its new publisher, the Nixon Center. Several people formerly associated with ''The National Interest'' have been associated with ''The American Interest'', including former ''National Interest'' editor Adam Garfinkle (the founding editor of ''The American Interest''); Fukuyama, who serves as chairman of the journal's executive committee; Ruth Wedgwood, formerly a ''National Interest'' advisory council member and now an ''American Interest'' editorial board member; and Thomas M. Rickers, formerly the managing editor of ''The National Interest''. In October 2018, Jeffrey Gedmin was appointed Editor-in-Chief.


As of 2 October 2020, “Due primarily to financing difficulties, The American Interest is taking a hiatus from publishing new material.”


"The American Interest represents a new and fascinating sun in the expanding galaxy of opponents of Bush administration policy." —Robert S. Boynton writing in ''The American Prospect''.

Prominent contributors

Contributors to the journal are predominantly already established (rather than up-and-coming) commentators known for their expertise in international affairs, global strategy, and military matters. In addition to Fukuyama, Garfinkle, and other magazine staffers, the major contributors have included:''The American Interest''
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* Andrew J. Bacevich * Stephen Biddle * Diane Francis * Niall Ferguson * John Lewis Gaddis * Mary R. Habeck * Robert D. Kaplan * Bernard-Henri Lévy * Walter Russell Mead * Andrew A. Michta * Ralph Peters * Robert Reich * Dov Zakheim * Josef Joffe * William Galston

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* ''Current History'' * ''Foreign Affairs'' * ''Foreign Policy''


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