TMB Bank ("Thai Military Bank, TMB")[3] is a Thai bank based in Bangkok. It has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) since 23 December 1983.[4]


In FY2014, TMB reported 9.5 billion baht in net profit, up from 1.9 billion baht in 2009.[1]:16 It employed 8,854 persons at headquarters and at 460 branches. TMB in 2014 had 2,365 ATMs.[1]:7


TMB was the brainchild of Field Marshall Sarit Thanarat. He endeavoured to establish a commercial banking business to provide financial services exclusively to military personnel under the Commercial Banking Act B.E. 2488 (1945). The bank started in 1957, but only opened its first branch, Rajaprasong Branch, in Bangkok in 1963. In 1973 it became a full commercial bank with the general public as its customer base. It adopted the slogan, "Thai Military Bank, the Bank for all people". In 2005, TMB adopted a new English name, "TMB Bank Public Company Limited", the present-day corporate logo, and a new slogan, "Better Partner, Better Value".[5]


TMB has adopted "Make THE Difference" as its corporate philosophy. "Make THE Difference" concept grounds on TMB's confidence that everyone has the caliber to think and do things with a constructively different approach to bring a better "change" to themselves[6] and the world around them.

Corporate social responsibility program

Based on "Make THE Difference" philosophy, TMB set up FAI-FAH as its main corporate social responsibility programme. FAI-FAH is a learning centre where free courses in cooking, painting, singing, dancing and other subjects are offered to low-income teenagers.[7][8] Currently there are two FAI-FAH centres. Many of the children who have been trained by the center have return to their communities and initiated community development programme, with the help of TMB staff who work as volunteers.[1]:12,20

Awards and recognition

On 14 April 2015, The Asian Banker Leadership Achievement Awards presented the "Best CEO in Asia Pacific 2015" award to Boontuck Wungcharoen, TMB CEO, and the "Best Managed Bank in Asia Pacific" award to TMB. The award ceremony took place during the Asian Banker Summit in Hong Kong. Both Boontuck and TMB are the first from Thailand to receive the accolade.[9]

In its announcement of the awards, the Asian Banker said, "...the bank has changed from a loss-making institution to a profitable one. Its net profit in 2014 rose by 66.2%—the highest among Thai banks. Net profit improved five-fold from, 2009-2014 while asset quality improved. Non-performing loan ratios dropped from 12.7% in 2009 to 2.9% in 2014 and cost-to-income ratios decreased from 77% in 2009 to 53% in 2014."[9]

Mr. Boontuck was also named "Financier of the Year 2014" by Money and Banking magazine. [10]


Major shareholders as of 24 April 2015[11]


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