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Thacholi Ambu
Thacholi Ambu
is a 1978 Malayalam-language film starring Prem Nazir, Sivaji Ganesan, Ravikumar and Jayan. Directed and produced by Navodaya Appachan, it was the first cinemascope film in Malayalam.[1][2][3] Prem Nazir
Prem Nazir
played the title role in the film.


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Prem Nazir
Prem Nazir
as Thacholi Ambu,Othenan's Nephew Sivaji Ganesan
Sivaji Ganesan
as Thacholi Othenakkurup Jayan
as Bappu and Kutty(Bappu's Son) K. P. Ummer as Kathiroor Gurukkal Balan K. Nair as Mayin Kuttiyil,Bappu's Father N. Govindan Kutty as Parunthunkalkotta Panicker,Othenan's Brother-in-law M. N. Nambiar
M. N. Nambiar
as Ittiri,Parunthunkalkotta Panicker's Son G. K. Pillai as Payyampalli Chanthu,Othenan's Friend Ravikumar as Bapputty,Bappu's another Son K. R. Vijaya as Kunjitheyi,Othenan's Wife Unnimary as Kanni,Othenan's Daughter Vijaya Lalitha as Alummoodan Ushakumari as Meena as Ambu's mother and Othenan's Sister

Production[edit] Thacholi Ambu
Thacholi Ambu
is the first Malayalam
film in CinemaScope.[4] Sivaji Ganesan ventured to enact the film's action scenes without the use of a stunt double. During the filming of one such scene, he fell from a height of six feet. A shield fell on his hand and injured him severely, resulting in him being hospitalised for many days.[5] Soundtrack[edit] The music was composed by K. Raghavan
K. Raghavan
and lyrics was written by Yusufali Kechery.

No. Song Singers Lyrics Length (m:ss)

1 Anuraagakkalariyil K. J. Yesudas Yusufali Kechery

2 Makaramaasa Pournamiyil P Susheela, Chorus Yusufali Kechery

3 Naadapuram Palliyile Vani Jairam Yusufali Kechery

4 Naanam Kunungikale S Janaki, P Susheela Yusufali Kechery

5 Ponniyam Parunthunkal P Susheela, Chorus Yusufali Kechery

6 Ponniyam Poonkanni P Susheela Yusufali Kechery

7 Thacholi Veettile P Susheela Yusufali Kechery

Box office[edit] The film became commercial success.[6] References[edit]

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