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The Textron Tower, formerly the Old Stone Tower, is an International-style skyscraper in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. It is the world headquarters of Textron. At 311 ft (95 m), it stands as the 5th-tallest building in the city and the state. Created by the same architects as the Empire State Building, the Textron Tower is set back some from the building line and raised above the street on a podium. The first story is marbled sheathed and serves as a base for the concrete-grid curtain wall.[1] The building features deep reveals attached to a reinforced concrete frame and is clad with deeply exposed aggregate precast panels.[2] On November 29, 2015, a heating and ventilation system on the roof of the building caught fire. The fire was extinguished after less than an hour, and the interior of the building was undamaged.[3] References[edit]

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