Texas Silesian (Silesian: teksasko gwara) is a dialect of the Silesian language used by Texas Silesians in American settlements from 1852[3] to the present. It is a variant of Silesian derived from the Opole dialect. The dialect evolved after Silesian exile around the village of Panna Maria.[4] It contains a distinctive vocabulary for things which were unknown for Polish Silesians.[5]

Texas Silesian is lesser influenced by German because its speakers emigrated before the Kulturkampf, which added a lot of germanisms to the continental Silesian[6] The language is tended by its speakers, but they know it only in the spoken form.[6] Texas Silesian has not been replaced by English because the Silesian community is strongly isolated.[7] Nevertheless, Texas Silesian has adopted some words from English.

One of the characteristic features of Texas Silesian phonetics is called mazuration, in which all cz, sz, ż are pronounced [t͡s, s, z], whereas in the stereotypical Silesian of the Katowice urban area they are pronounced [t͡ʂ, ʂ, ʐ]. Texas Silesian has given the name for Cestohowa village in Texas - the name is derived from Polish Częstochowa, but, due to this phonetic process, cz became c.[5]

Typical words unlike Silesian

Texas Silesian Silesian English
turbacyjo[5] ńyprzileżytość problem
zaszanować[5] zaszporować to save money
kapudrok[5] zalůńik frock coat
furgocz[6] fliger aeroplane
szczyrkowa[5] no native word rattlesnake
po warszawsku[5] po polsku in Polish
prastarzik[5] starzik, uopa great-grandfather
ćeżko[5] fest very
kole tego[8] uo tym about that
pokłoud[6] gipsdeka ceiling
bejbik[9] bajtel baby
kara[9] autok car
wjater[9] luft air
korn kukurzica corn
farmjyrz gospodorz farmer
plumzy, piczesy fyrcichy peaches
garce buncloki pots


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