Teseq AG, formerly Schaffner Test Systems is a supplier of Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test solutions.[1] They develop and manufacture instruments for EMC emissions and immunity testing both for radiated and conducted emissions and immunity.[2] Teseq operates ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratories[3] with EMC specialization.

Teseq was twice nominated for Best in Test[4] by Test & Measurement World Magazine and has been awarded A2LA certification.[5] They delivered over 10,000 electrostatic discharge (ESD) simulators.[6] Teseq equipment may be found in most EMC test laboratories.

Teseq, formerly Schaffner Test Systems was the first company to recognize the threat of EMC emissions and interference and begin offering EMC instruments.[7][8]

History of Teseq AG[9]

1962 Schaffner Switzerland established by Dr. Hans Schaffner
1971 First EMC test instrument launched
1981 First electrostatic discharge (ESD) generator released
1975–1990 Expansion to France, US, Singapore, Japan and China
1998 Acquisition of Chase EMC Ltd., Capel, UK
1999 Acquisition of MEB Messelektronik Berlin GmbH
2006 Management buy-out and establishment of the new Teseq company as an AG (Aktiengesellschaft)
2012 Acquisition of MILMEGA[10] and IFI [11]