Terminal may refer to:



*Terminal (macOS), a terminal emulator application included with macOS *Terminal emulator, a program that emulates a video terminal within some other display architecture *GNOME Terminal, the most popular Linux and BSD terminal emulator *Windows Terminal, a terminal emulator for Windows 10


*Terminal (typeface), a monospace font *Terminal (typography), a type of stroke ending


*Terminal (electronics), a device for joining electrical circuits together *Terminal (telecommunication), a device communicating over a line *Computer terminal, a set of primary input and output devices for a computer


* Airport terminal, a building where passengers embark and disembark aircraft (or cargo is loaded) * Bus station * Passenger terminal (maritime), a structure where passenger water vessels ships pick up and drop off passengers * Container port, also called a terminal, where cargo containers are transferred between different vehicles or ships * Railroad terminal, the end point of a railroad line


* Terminal (Asunción), a neighbourhood in Paraguay * Terminal Peak, a mountain in Tasmania, Australia * Terminal Range, a mountain range in Canada


Film and TV

*''The Terminal'', 2004 American comedy-drama film *''Terminal'' (2018 film), an American film starring Margot Robbie *"Terminal", an episode of ''Law & Order''


*Terminal (American band), a rock band from Texas *terminal (Danish band), a pop rock band from Copenhagen *''Terminal'' (Ancestral Legacy album), 2014 *''Terminal'' (Salyu album), 2007 *"Terminal" (Ayumi Hamasaki song), 2014 *"Terminal" (Rupert Holmes song), 1974 *"Terminals", a song by Relient K featuring Adam Young


*''Terminal'' (Cook novel), by Robin Cook *''Terminal'' (Tunnels novel), a 2013 novel in the ''Tunnels'' series *''Terminal'', a novel by Colin Forbes

Other uses

*Terminal (company), an American a remote teams company *Terminal illness, a progressive disease that is expected to cause death * Terminal sedation, another name for palliative sedation, the practice of inducing unconsciousness in a terminally ill person for the remainder of the person's life *Terminal flower and inflorescence, in botany *Potsdam Conference, code-named “Terminal”, the last Allied meeting of World War II *Suffix, in grammar

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