Obviously there are or will be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of biographies of Australian business people on. The intention with a template such as this one is to group together the most prominent individuals and high-traffic entries for people seeking information of general interest in relation to Australian business. We cannot include all individuals. Judgement will need to be exercised, but they should be names that would be readily recognised from textbooks of Australian business and general business history, or from the main pages of the financial news. The quality of the article to whch a link is being provided may also be a factor. Over time there may need to be changes - I think eventually Ziggy Switkowski and Sol Trujillo will drop off the list as their currency fades. Harry Triguboff and Andrew Forrest may drop off if one day they cease to be amongst the country's richest 3 or 4 individuals (as well as being prominent in other ways). In contrast, Frank Packer wil probably always be there. Please set a very high bar when choosing whether to add someone to this list, or the template will become unwieldy. hamiltonstone (talk) 23:03, 7 April 2010 (UTC)