Template {{Ship}} creates a wikilink to its article and formats the visible name correctly. That is, it handles both parts of [[targetpagelabel]]. Now it is up to the editor (you) to get this right: a bluelink to the article, and well-formatted ship's full name.

The ship's article may be titled: [[HMCS Kootenay (H75)]]HMCS Kootenay (H75). The three parts are called: prefix, name, ID (ID is WP:Disambiguation, or hull number, pennant number, launch year: to identify the ship when multiple ships have the same name).

Apart from the article title, in the visible label the name could be formatted. Like: [[HMCS Kootenay (H75)HMCS ''Kootenay'']]HMCS Kootenay (note the italics, and the omission of the hull number – linked to the same article).

Basic usage

{{ship1-prefix2-name3-ID}} → [[1-prefix 2-name (3-ID)1-prefix ''2-name'' (3-ID)]]1-prefix 2-name (3-ID)
1 prefix
like HMS, USS
2 name
ship's name
3 ID
Specifier like hull number, pennant number, or launch year. Also serves as the WP:Disambiguation term in article titles.

All parameters are optional. You only need to enter the parts that build the article title.

Template usage Resulting wikicode Link showing
{{shipARAGeneral Belgrano}} [[ARA General BelgranoARA ''General Belgrano'']] ARA General Belgrano
{{shipHMCSKootenayH75}} [[HMCS Kootenay (H75)HMCS ''Kootenay'' (H75)]] HMCS Kootenay (H75)

Format options parameter

A fourth, unnamed parameter |4= allows setting which pieces of text are displayed in the wikilink. It sets the label in the link: [[targetpagelabel]]

For example, the ship's article is entered as {{shipHMCSKootenayH75}}, by default showing as HMCS Kootenay (H75).

But in your article, the hull number (disambiguator) may not be needed to show. In that case, add |4=2, and the result is:

{{shipHMCSKootenayH752}} [[HMCS Kootenay (H75)''Kootenay'']] Kootenay

The options are:

Value Parameter(s)
Example Equivalent wikicode Final result
None prefix, name, ID {{shipHMCSKootenayH75}} [[HMCS Kootenay (H75)HMCS ''Kootenay'' (H75)]] HMCS Kootenay (H75)
1 ID {{shipHMCSKootenayH751}} [[HMCS Kootenay (H75)H75]] H75
2 name {{shipHMCSKootenayH752}} [[HMCS Kootenay (H75)''Kootenay'']] Kootenay
3 name, ID {{shipHMCSKootenayH753}} [[HMCS Kootenay (H75)''Kootenay'' (H75)]] Kootenay (H75)
4 same as default {{shipHMCSKootenayH754}} [[HMCS Kootenay (H75)HMCS ''Kootenay'' (H75)]] HMCS Kootenay (H75)
5 prefix, ID {{shipHMCSKootenayH755}} [[HMCS Kootenay (H75)HMCS ''H75'']] HMCS H75
6 prefix, name {{shipHMCSKootenayH756}} [[HMCS Kootenay (H75)HMCS ''Kootenay'']] HMCS Kootenay

Same format, no wikilink

By setting |wl=no, the same formatting is made but the ship's name is not linked:

HMCS Kootenay (H75) (regular, {{shipHMCSKootenayH754}})
HMCS Kootenay (H75) (no wikilink, setting {{shipHMCSKootenayH754wl=no}})

Prefix in/out option

Parameter |up=yes (for unlinked prefix) can be used to have an unlinked prefix:. When set to "yes", the template will display the prefix before (outside of) the wikilink.

  • {{shipJapanese battleshipYamatoup=yes}} → Japanese battleship Yamato

Using a format option:

  • {{shipJapanese battleshipYamato2up=yes}} → Japanese battleship Yamato


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly error report for this template.

TemplateData for Ship

This template provides a wikilink to a ship's page, with label options

Template parameters


Fleet identifier

HMS, Japanese battleship

Ship's name

Bismarck, Belgrano

Hull number, launch year, or pennanr number

H75, 1975,

Formats label (parts showing)

1, 2, 3, 5, 6
unlink prefixup

yes=puts Fleet ID outside of Wikilink


Tracking categories

See also

WP:SHIPSship class and ship prefix shortcut templates
Ship classes
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generic {{ship}} any prefix Brigante Musolino or Charles de Gaulle (R91)
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 Australia {{HMAS}} Royal Australian Navy ships HMAS Anzac (G90)
 Bahamas {{HMBS}} Royal Bahamas Defence Force ships HMBS Nassau (P-61)
 Bangladesh {{BNS}} Bangladesh Navy ships BNS Surma (2013)
 Canada {{HMCS}} Royal Canadian Navy ships HMCS Bonaventure (CVL 22)
{{CCGS}} Canadian Coast Guard ships CCGS Simcoe (1909)
 Colombia {{ARC}} Colombian Navy ships ARC 7 de Agosto (D-06)
 Denmark {{HDMS}} Royal Danish Navy ships HDMS Lougen (1791)
 Ecuador {{BAE}} Ecuadorian Navy ships BAE Guayas (BE-21)
 Egypt {{ENS}} Egyptian Navy ships ENS Gamal Abdel Nasser (L1010)
 Estonia {{EML}} Estonian Navy ships EML Wambola (A433)
 Finland {{FNS}} Finnish Navy ships FNS Turunmaa (1918)
 Greece {{HS}} Hellenic Navy ships HS Georgios Averof (1910)
 Germany {{SMS}} Imperial German Navy and Austro-Hungarian Navy ships SMS Novara (1912)
{{SMU}} Imperial German Navy and Austro-Hungarian Navy U-boats SM U-28 (Germany)
{{GS}} German World War II and later U-boats German submarine U-39 (1938)
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 India {{INS}} Indian Navy ships INS Vikrant (R11)
 Indonesia {{KRI}} Indonesian Navy ships KRI Fatahillah (361)
 Ireland {{}} Irish Navy ships LÉ Emer (P21)
 Japan {{Jsub}} Imperial Japanese Navy submarines Japanese submarine I-15
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{{JS}} Newer Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ships JDS Ashigara (DDG-178)
 Netherlands {{HNLMS}} Royal Netherlands Navy ships HNLMS De Ruyter (F804)
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 Sweden {{HSwMS}} Swedish Navy ships HSwMS Sjölejonet (1936)
 Thailand {{HTMS}} Royal Thai Navy ships HTMS Chakri Naruebet (CV 911)
 Turkey {{TCG}} Turkish Naval Forces ships TCG Gediz (F 495)
 United Kingdom {{HMS}} Royal Navy ships HMS Illustrious (R06)
{{HMT}} Royal Navy trawlers HMT Elk (1902)
{{RMS}} Royal Mail Ships RMS Adriatic (1907)
{{RFAux}} Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships RFA Fort Austin (A386)
 United States {{USAT}} US Army transport ships USAT Havana (1917)
{{USCGC}} US Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Healy (WAGB-20)
{{USNS}} US Naval Ship USNS Mercy (T-AH-19)
{{USRC}} US Revenue Cutter Service USRC Harriet Lane (1857)
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