WPBannerMeta is a meta-template, which can be used to create WikiProject banners, enabling new projects to easily create a banner to place on article talk pages, ensuring standardisation between projects. A list of all WikiProject banners using this meta-template can be found at What links here: WPBannerMeta

This is a meta template. It is used to build other templates. Do not transclude this template directly on to talk pages when you want to tag a page. Instead, use the template produced by the WikiProject.


Advanced features


WPBannerMeta incorporates a number of 'hooks' where advanced or customised features can be added. These should take the form of a subtemplate passed to the relevant hook parameter. Any relevant parameters should then be passed to the hook template – it may be necessary to repeat parameters that are already passed to the main template (|category={{{category|¬}}} and |class={{{class|}}} are commonly used). If you write a hook that you think other projects could use, please copy or move it to a subpage of Template:WPBannerMeta/hooks and add it to the list on that page.

Custom masks