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Tatsunoko Fight
Tatsunoko Fight
(タツノコファイト, Tatsunoko Faito) is a fighting video game developed by Electronics Application (Eleca) and published by Takara for the PlayStation
game console released in Japan in October 2000. It features characters from various Tatsunoko superhero properties in addition to original creations developed exclusively for the game. Each series is represented by characters, backgrounds, music, and voice actors from the original television programs, along with new art and animated sequences produced by Tatsunoko Production.[1]


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Gameplay[edit] Tatsunoko Fight
Tatsunoko Fight
is a two-dimensional, one-on-one fighting game where players must defeat their opponent in two of three rounds in order to advance.[2] The game relies on using both normal and special attacks in order to damage the opponent, with a round ending once all of a character's remaining vitality has been lost. A special gauge at the bottom of the screen steadily fills when a character deals or receives damage, reaching a maximum of three levels. Player's can then expend one level at a time to unleash a more powerful super attack on their opponent to deal more damage. The game uses a combo system where light and heavy attacks can be chained together to launch a succession of attacks that cannot be interrupted or stopped until the sequence ends. In addition to normal versus mode, players may choose a round-robin-style team battle mode involving multiple characters, as well as a single-player story mode that resembles an arcade fighting game.[3] Characters[edit]

A fight between Tekkaman (left) and Casshern (right)

Tatsunoko Fight
Tatsunoko Fight
features playable characters from four established Tatsunoko franchises: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Neo-Human Casshern, Tekkaman: The Space Knight, and Hurricane Polymar, as well an original series created exclusively for the game, Denkou Senka Volter (電光石火ヴォルター, literally "Lightning Warrior Volter").[4] Each series is represented by three members, consisting of a "Hero", "Supporter", and "Arch Rival" character from their respective titles.[3] Original characters created solely for the game include the superhero Volter, his companion Neon, and their nemesis Karochi Taiki, as well as the game's primary antagonist, the demonic Rosraisen. Many of the game's characters are voiced by the actors who portrayed them in their original animated appearances, with additional supporting characters making cameo appearances throughout gameplay.[5]

Character Series Voice Actor

Ken Washio the Eagle Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Katsuji Mori

Jun Shiratori the Swan Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Kazuko Sugiyama

Berg Katse Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Yō Kitazawa

Casshern Neo-Human Casshern Ikuo Nishikawa

Luna Kotsuki Neo-Human Casshern Emiko Tsukada

Buraiking Boss Neo-Human Casshern Kenji Utsumi

Tekkaman Tekkaman: The Space Knight Katsuji Mori

Andro Umeda Tekkaman: The Space Knight Nachi Nozawa

Doburai Tekkaman: The Space Knight Takeshi Kuwabara

Hurricane Polymar Hurricane Polymar Kazuyuki Sogabe

Teru Nanba Hurricane Polymar Akiko Hiramatsu

Astral Chameleon Hurricane Polymar/Original character Takeshi Aono

Volter Denkou Senka Volter/Original character Shin-ichiro Miki

Neon Denkou Senka Volter/Original character Hyo-sei

Karochi Taiki Denkou Senka Volter/Original character Yoku Shioya

Rosraisen Original character Nachi Nozawa

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Tatsunoko Fight
Tatsunoko Fight
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