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Tariq Abdul-Wahad
Tariq Abdul-Wahad
(born Olivier Michael Saint-Jean; November 3, 1974) is a French basketball coach and former player. Abdul-Wahad is the current head coach of varsity boys' basketball at Lincoln High School of San Jose, California. As Olivier Saint-Jean, he played college basketball at Michigan and San Jose State. In 1997, the Sacramento Kings selected Saint-Jean in the first round of the NBA draft
NBA draft
as the 11th overall pick, and Saint-Jean converted to Islam
and changed his name to Tariq Abdul-Wahad. From 1997 to 2003, Abdul-Wahad played in the NBA for the Kings, Orlando Magic, Denver Nuggets, and Dallas Mavericks. He was the first player to be raised in France and play in the NBA.


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Early life and college years[edit] Olivier Saint-Jean was born in Maisons-Alfort
near Paris from parents who were natives of French Guiana.[1] His mother George Goudet was a professional basketball player.[2] After graduating from Lycee Aristide Briand in 1993, Abdul-Wahad first played college basketball for two years at Michigan and transferred to San Jose State in 1995.[3] Abdul-Wahad was part of the San Jose State team that won the 1996 Big West Conference Men's Basketball
Tournament and made the NCAA tournament despite a 13-16 record.[1] He changed his name to Tariq Abdul-Wahad after converting to Islam
in 1997.[2] Professional career[edit] He was known as a defensive specialist, but his playing time was restricted in later seasons due to injuries. He only played in 236 out of a possible 788 games. In the whole 2003–04 and 2004–05 seasons Abdul-Wahad was on the Dallas Mavericks' roster on injured reserve, as he was permanently unable to play. He was released by Mavericks on 28 September 2005, during training camp prior to the 2005–06 season. In November 2006 Italian team Climamio Bologna invited Abdul-Wahad to a try out, but he was not signed.[4] His No. 3 jersey was retired by San Jose State in 2002, however the banner hanging in the Event Center Arena refers to him as Olivier Saint-Jean, the name he used while in college. Abdul-Wahad's peak year as a pro was with the Sacramento Kings
Sacramento Kings
in the lockout-shortened 1999 NBA season, when he was a starter for the team. They pushed the Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz
to the brink of elimination but lost in the fifth and final game of the series. NBA career statistics[edit]


  GP Games played   GS  Games started  MPG  Minutes per game

 FG%  Field goal percentage  3P%  3-point field goal percentage  FT%  Free throw
Free throw

 RPG  Rebounds per game  APG  Assists per game  SPG  Steals per game

 BPG  Blocks per game  PPG  Points per game  Bold  Career high

Regular season[edit]


1997–98 Sacramento 59 16 16.3 .403 .211 .672 2.0 .9 .6 .2 6.4

1998–99 Sacramento 49 49 24.6 .435 .286 .691 3.8 1.0 1.0 .3 9.3

1999–00 Orlando 46 46 26.2 .433 .095 .762 5.2 1.6 1.2 .3 12.2

1999–00 Denver 15 10 24.9 .389 .500 .738 3.5 1.7 .4 .8 8.9

2000–01 Denver 29 12 14.5 .387 .400 .583 2.0 .8 .5 .4 3.8

2001–02 Denver 20 12 20.9 .379 .500 .750 3.9 1.1 .9 .5 6.8

2001–02 Dallas 4 0 6.0 .000 – .000 1.5 .5 .5 .3 .0

2002–03 Dallas 14 0 14.6 .466 .000 .500 2.9 1.5 .4 .2 4.1

Career 236 145 20.4 .417 .237 .703 3.3 1.1 .8 .4 7.8



1999 Sacramento 5 5 19.8 .455 .000 .813 3.8 .8 .8 .8 8.6

2003 Dallas 8 0 9.9 .300 .000 .875 2.8 .9 .0 .0 3.1

Career 13 5 13.7 .381 .000 .833 3.2 .8 .3 .3 5.2

Post-playing years[edit] In 2005, Abdul-Wahad played the part of King Negus of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) in the video play Mercy to Mankind: Part 1, The Prophecy Fulfilled, sponsored by the MAS (Muslim American Society) Youth Chapter, Dallas, Texas.[5] Abdul-Wahad finished his B.A. in art history at San Jose State University in 2008 and enrolled in the M.A. program at San Jose State afterwards.[1][6] He later started a clothing business in Brazil with a friend and a television production company in France.[1][7] On July 21, 2011, the Division II Cal State Monterey Bay Otters women's basketball team hired Abdul-Wahad as an assistant coach.[8] Abdul-Wahad became head varsity boys' basketball coach at Lincoln High School of San Jose, California
San Jose, California
in 2012.[7] Notes[edit]

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Tariq Abdul-Wahad
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