The Tamsui–Xinyi line or Red line (code R) is a line of the Taipei Metro. It includes a total of 30 stations serving the Tamsui, Beitou, Shilin, Datong, Zhongshan, Zhongzheng, Daan, and Xinyi districts. At 29 km, it is the longest line of Taipei Metro.

For 15 years, trains ran between Tamsui and Xindian via the southern part of the current Green line, making it the longest-serving former service of the system, followed closely by a service from Beitou to Nanshijiao. With the completion of the current line sections, both services ended. Trains from the Tamsui run directly onto the Xinyi section.

The Tamsui section runs mostly along the former Tamsui railway line. There most of the tracks and stations have been renovated, except in the Zhongzheng district, where a new tunnel was constructed due to lack of surface right-of-way.

The Red line is a high-capacity metro system. Routes south of Yuanshan Station are underground; routes between Yuanshan Station and Beitou Station are elevated; routes between Beitou Station and Hongshulin Station are at-grade; and Tamsui Station is elevated.


Rolling stock

Over the years, the Tamsui Line used different types of rolling stock. From the start, the line used C301 cars. In 1997, the C321 cars were introduced. In 2007-2013, the newest cars, the C371 and C381 cars were used, replacing some of the C301 and all C321 cars.


As of December 2017, the typical off-peak service is:

Services Code Station Name Transfer Distance (km) Location
English Chinese
R28 Tamsui 淡水 28.3 Tamsui New Taipei
R27 Hongshulin 紅樹林 26.2
R26 Zhuwei 竹圍 24.2
R25 Guandu 關渡 22.1 Tamsui
New Taipei
R24 Zhongyi 忠義 21.2 Beitou Taipei
R23 Fuxinggang 復興崗 19.8
R22A Xinbeitou 新北投
R22 Beitou 北投 18.1
R21 Qiyan 奇岩 17.4
R20 Qili'an 唭哩岸 16.6
R19 Shipai
(Veterans General Hospital)
R18 Mingde 明德 14.7
R17 Zhishan 芝山 13.8 Shilin
R16 Shilin 士林  Y  [planned] 12.7
R15 Jiantan 劍潭
R14 Yuanshan 圓山 10.0 (11.6 Jiantan) Datong
R13 Minquan West Road 民權西路 Taipei Metro Line O.svg (O11) 9.1
R12 Shuanglian
(Mackay Memorial Hospital)
R11 Zhongshan 中山 Taipei Metro Line G.svg (G14) 7.9 (8.5 Shanglian)
R10 Taipei Main Station 台北車站 Taipei Metro Line BL.svg (BL12)
300 m: Taoyuan Metro     Taoyuan Airport MRT (A1 Taipei Main)
Taiwan Railways Administration West Coast (100)
Taiwan High Speed Rail (TPE/02)
7.1 Zhongzheng
R09 National Taiwan University Hospital 台大醫院 6.6
R08 Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
Taipei Metro Line G.svg G10  LG  [2018] 5.5
R07 Dongmen 東門 Taipei Metro Line O.svg (O06) 4.2 Zhongzheng
R06 Daan Park 大安森林公園 3.6 Da'an
R05 Daan 大安 Taipei Metro Line BR.svg (BR09) 2.7
R04 Xinyi Anhe 信義安和 1.7
R03 Taipei 101/World Trade Center 台北101/世貿 0.7 Xinyi
R02 Xiangshan 象山 0.0
R01 Guangci/Fengtian Temple(Zhongpo) [December 2022] 廣慈/奉天宮(中坡) --

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