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TALAL ASAD (born 1932) is an anthropologist at the CUNY Graduate Center .

Asad has made important theoretical contributions to postcolonialism , Christianity
, Islam
, and ritual studies and has recently called for, and initiated, an anthropology of secularism . Using a genealogical method developed by Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche
and made prominent by Michel Foucault
Michel Foucault
, Asad "complicates terms of comparison that many anthropologists, theologians, philosophers, and political scientists receive as the unexamined background of thinking, judgment, and action as such. By doing so, he creates clearings, opening new possibilities for communication, connection, and creative invention where opposition or studied indifference prevailed".

His long-term research concerns the transformation of religious law (the shari'ah) in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Egypt with special reference to arguments about what constitutes secular and progressive reform.


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He was born in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
to Austrian diplomat, writer and reformer Muhammad Asad
Muhammad Asad
, a Jew who converted to Islam
in his mid-20s, and a Saudi Arabian Muslim mother, Munira Hussein Al Shammari (died 1978).