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Take Me To Town is a 1953 Technicolor
Western film directed by Douglas Sirk starring Ann Sheridan
Ann Sheridan
and Sterling Hayden.


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Plot[edit] On the lam after a robbery and needing a place to hide out, Vermilion O'Toole and her partner, Newt Cole, settle down in a new town. Going by a new name, Mae Madison, the lady outlaw is surprised by three young boys who are looking for a new wife for their recently widowed dad, Will Hall. A complication or two arises when the new gal and Will begin to hit it off. Cast[edit]

Ann Sheridan
Ann Sheridan
as Vermilion O'Toole aka Mae Madison Sterling Hayden
Sterling Hayden
as Will Hall Phillip Reed
Phillip Reed
as Newton Cole Lee Patrick as Rose Lee Aaker
Lee Aaker
as Corney Hall Harvey Grant as Petey Dustey Henley as Bucket Larry Gates
Larry Gates
as Marshal Ed Daggett Forrest Lewis
Forrest Lewis
as Ed Higgins, Storekeepers Phyllis Stanley
Phyllis Stanley
as Mrs. Edna Stoffer Dorothy Neumann as Felice Pickett Ann Tyrrell
Ann Tyrrell
as Louise Pickett

Production[edit] The film was Ross Hunter's first as a producer. The onetime actor was working as a teacher when Ann Sheridan
Ann Sheridan
suggested he turn to producing. He worked without salary at the Motion Picture Center to learn producing, then managed to set up the film Take Me to Town at Universal. Sheridan's normal price was $475,000 per film but she agreed to $100,000 to work with Hunter. "It was Annie who really gave me my first break," later recalled Hunter. "She was a very great lady."[2] References[edit]

^ 'The Top Box Office Hits of 1953', Variety, January 13, 1954 ^ Norma Lee Browning (April 28, 1968). "Three Cheers For Ross Hunter". Chicago Tribune. 

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