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Taher Nashat al-Masri (Arabic: طاهر المصري‎) is a Jordanian of Palestinian origin who served as Prime Minister of Jordan from 19 June 1991 to 21 November 1991.[1] He opposed the invasion of Iraq but reportedly wanted the Americans to stay in Iraq and keep it "out of the hands of the fundamentalists".[2] He served on the Council on Foreign Relations
Council on Foreign Relations
since 2002 and is the league's commissioner for civil society. While Prime Minister, he pressed for changes to the election law.[citation needed] See also[edit]

List of Prime Ministers of Jordan


^ Joel Brinkley, Jordanian King Names Palestinian Prime Minister, The New York Times, June 19, 1991 ^ Biodata

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Preceded by Mudar Badran Prime Minister of Jordan 1991–1991 Succeeded by Zaid ibn Shaker

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