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Tae Hyun-sil (born November 11, 1941) is a South Korean actress. Tae was born in Songjin, North Hamgyong province, Korea in 1941. While studying Film at Dongguk University, she was selected as a TV actress in a public recruit held by KBS. While preparing to star for a drama series, Tae was offered to be an exclusive actress of Shin Film established by Shin Sang-ok. Tae's debut film is Beautiful Shroud directed by Lee Hyeong-pyo in 1962. With the film, she won New Actress from the 1963 Buil Awards. Since her debut as an actress, Tae has starred in about 300 films. 250 films were shot during 7 years, and were mostly roles in depicting a cheerful university student or cute daughter characters. Tae married businessman Kim Cheol-hwan in 1968.

She resumed her acting career by starring in a daily soap opera Jangmi-ui geori.[1]


*Note; the whole list is referenced.[2]

Year English title Korean title Romanization Role Director
First Snow Cheonnun
Paradise Lost Sillag-won
Boss Boseu
The Man Who Always Takes the Last Train Eonjena magchaleul tago oneun salam
Do You Like the Afternoon After the Rain? Bigae-in ohuleul joh-ahase-yo
Lost Love Ilh-eobeolin neo
A Pale Rainy Day Ha-yan bi-yo-il
Honeymoon Milwol
Gam-dong Kkamdong
That Last Winter Geu magimak gyeowul
Sorrow Bichang
Sorrow Bichang
Eunuch Naesi
A Long Journey, A Long Tunnel Meon yeohaeng gin teoneol
The Last Month of Pregnancy Mansag
The Oldest Son Jangnam
Between the Knees Muleupgwa muleupsa-i
The House Where Sun Rises Haetteuneun jib
Wild Woman Yaseong-ui cheonyeo
Sorrow To Even Those Stars... Seulpeum-eun jeobyeoldeul-egedo
The Panmunjom Poplar Operation Panmunjeom milyunamu jagjeon
1977 Chu-ha, My Love Chu Ha naesalang
1977 A War Diary Nanjung-ilgi
1977 The Popular Student Somunnan gogyosaeng
1976 Wife Anae
1976 Wonsan Secret Operation Wonsangongjag
1976 Ever So Much Good! Neomu Neomu Joh-eun geo-ya
1976 Five Commandments Ogye
1976 Lovers In The Rain Bissog-ui yeon-indeul
1976 Good Bye, Sir ! Seonsaengnim annyeong
1976 My Love, Elena Naesalang Elena
1976 Murder With Ax In Pan Moon Jeom Panmunjeom dokkisal-in
1975 Outing In 10 Years Sibnyeonman-ui oechul
1975 Graduating School Girls Yeogojol-eobban
1974 Snowy night Seol-ya
1974 In a lonely mountain villa Oelo-un sanjang-eseo
1974 First snow Sinseol
1974 I have to live Naneun sal-a-ya handa
1973 False charge Numyeong
1973 Father Bu
1973 The Military Academy Yuggunsagwanhaggyo
1973 A Family with many daughters Ttalbujajib
1973 Way of woman Yeolo
1973 General Tiger Holang-ijanggun
1973 Way of woman 2 Yeolo
1973 Leaving Myeong Dong Myeongdong-eul tteonamyeonseo
1973 Obaekhwa Obaeghwa
1973 Daddy's name is... Appa-ui ileum-eun
1972 Aunt Imo
1972 An odd general Byeolnanjanggun
1972 Don't cry my daughter Naettal-a uljimala
1969 Lost Love in the Mist Angaesoge Gabeolin Sarang
1969 Gallant Man Paldo Sanai
1968 Escape Talchul Sipchilsi
1968 Your Name Geudae Ireumeun
1968 Spring Breeze Chunpung
1968 The Geisha of Korea Paldo Gisaeng
1968 Femme Fatale, Jang Hee-bin Yohwa, Jang Hee-bin
1968 A Wondering Swordsman Yurang-ui Geom-ho
1968 Warm wind Nanpung
1968 A Wandering Swordsman And 108 Bars of Gold Nageune Geomgaek Hwanggeum 108 Gwan
1968 A Man of Great Strength: Im Ggyeok-jeong Cheonha Jangsa, Im Ggyeok-jeong
1968 Chunhyang Chunhyang
1968 Daughter Ttal
1968 Blue Writings of Farewell Paran Ibyeorui Geulssi
1968 A Devoted Love Sunaebo
1968 Horrible 18 Days Gongpo-ui Sipparil
1968 Fallen Leaves Nagyeop
1968 Arirang Airang
1968 Nice Girls Meojaeng-i Agassideul
1968 Mother Gisaeng Eeomma Gisaeng
1968 Vega Jiknyeoseong
1967 Do Not Tempt Me. Yuhokaji Mara
1967 Nine Defecting Soldiers Gu-inui Gwisunbyeong
1967 Cheerful Girl Gibunpa Agassi
1967 Dolmuji Dolmusi
1967 A Meritorious Retainer Ildeunggongsin
1967 Love Rides the Surf Sarangeun Padoreul Tago
1967 The Sun Is Mine Taeyangeun Naeget-ida
1967 A Virtuous Woman Chilbuyeollyeo
1967 The Japanese Emperor And the Martyr Ilboncheonhwanggwa Poktanuisa
1967 Imjin River Imjingang
1967 Lost Migrant Gil-ireun Cheolsae
1966 Women Only Namseong Geumji Guyeok
1966 Hwangpo Mast Hwangpodochdae
1966 An Invulnerable Mujeokja
1966 A Naked Beolgeosungi
1966 Crisis 113 Wigi 113
1966 Blues of Glory Yeongkwangui Blues
1966 Goodbye, Japan Jal Itgeora Ilbonttang
1966 River of Farewell Ibyeol-eui Gang
1966 Emergency Wedding Teukgeub Gyeolhon Jakjeon
1966 Confession of a Rose Jangmiui Gobaek
1966 Land Ttang
1966 I Am a King Naneun Wang-ida
1966 A Long Journey Gin Yeoro
1966 Thousand Miles between the South and the North Nambukcheonri
1966 Night Blues Bamhaneurui Blues
1966 Father's Youth Appaui Cheongchun
1966 I Have Something to Say Nado Hal Mari Idda
1966 The Final Frontline Choehujeonseon Baekpalsimni
1966 I Want to Say Good-bye on a Rainy Night Bioneun Bame Tteonago Sibda
1966 The 76th Prison Camp Je 76 Poro Suyongso
1966 Lady Teacher Gasinae Seonsaeng
1966 The Only Daughter Oedongttal
1965 The Heroes in the Continent Daeryuk-ui Yeong-ungdeul
1965 Betrayer Shanghai Park Baebanja Sanghai Park
1965 The Nickname of the Student Maengkkong-i
1965 The Youngest Daughter Mangnaettal
1965 The Man's Life Nam-a-ilsaeng
1965 The Girl at the Ferry Point Naruteo Cheonyeo
1965 I Don't Want to Die Naneun Jukgi Silta
1965 The Smile at the Rotary Rotary-ui Miso
1965 The Cradlesong in Tears Nunmur-ui Jajangga
1965 For Whom He Resist Nugureul Wihan Banhang-inya
1965 The Fake College Girl Gajja-yeodaesaeng
1965 The Love Affair Jeongsa
1965 Only a Woman Should Cry? Yeojamani Uleoya Hana
1965 Lion in the Dark World Amheukga-ui Saja
1965 A Rooster Man Sutakgat-eun Sana-i
1965 Behold with an Angry Face Seongnan Eolgullo Dol-abora
1965 The Virgin Playing Saxophone Saxophone Buneun Cheonyeo
1965 The Angry Eagle Seongnan Doksuri
1965 The Sunflower Blooming at Night Bam-e pin Haebaragi
1965 The Secret Meeting Milhoe
1965 A Hong Kong Left-handed Hongkong-ui Oensonjabi
1965 The Messengers to Hamheung Hamheungchasa
1965 Every Dog Has His Day Jwigumeong-edo Byeotddeulnal Itda
1965 Come Back, Oh My Daughter Geumdan Dol-a-ora Nae Ttal Geumdan-a
1964 The Heartbreaking Love of Mother Pi-eorin Mojeong
1964 The Old Korean Folk song in Downtown Dosimui Hyangga
1964 The Maiden City Cheo-nyeo Dosi
1964 What Is More Valuable than Life Moksumboda Deohan Geot
1964 The Heartbreaking Story Danjanglok
1964 The Thirsty Trees Mokmareun Namudeul
1964 The Distorted Youth Binnagan Cheongchun
1964 My Wife Is Confessing Anaeneun Gobaekhanda
1964 My Dear Elder Brother Oppa
1964 The Struggling Young Momburim Chineun Jeolmeunideul
1964 The Teacher with Ten Daughters Sipjamae Seonsaeng
1964 The Extra Mortals Ing-yeo Ingan
1964 The East of Mongolia Monggo-ui Dongjjok
1964 The Guitar for Mother and Her Daughter Monyeo Gita
1964 I Have Been Cheated Naneun Sogatda
1964 The Sad Movie Saed Mubi
1964 The Body Confession Yukche-ui Gobak
1964 Don't Cry, Mom! Eomeoni Ulji Mase-yo
1963 The Ridge of Youth Cheongchun Sanmaek
1963 The Pitiful Train to the South
1963 Until Peonies Bloom Morani Pigikkajineun
1963 Love Making Company Yeon-aejusikhoesa
1963 The Twelve Nyang Life Yeoldunyangjjari Insaeng
1963 Dreams of Youth will be Splendid Pureun Kkumeun Binnari
1963 No. 77 Miss Kim Chisipchilbeon Miss Kim
1963 Love and Good-bye Mannal Ttaewa He-eojil Ttae
1962 Beautiful Shroud Areumda-un Su-ui



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