Tom or TOM may refer to: *
Tom (given name) Tom is mostly used as a diminutive of Thomas (name), Thomas. In Germanic countries and Scandinavia, "Tom" is in use as a formal given name. In Modern Hebrew, modern Hebrew, the name Tom (Hebrew: תם, תום) is used as a Unisex name, unisex name, ...
, a diminutive of Thomas or Tomás or an independent Aramaic given name (and a list of people with the name)


* Talking Tom, the protagonist of the ''Talking Tom & Friends'' franchise * Tom, a character from the '' Deltora Quest'' books by Emily Rodda * Tom, a character in the ''Tom and Jerry'' (Van Beuren) cartoon series * Tom, a character in the anime and manga '' One Piece'' * Tom Cat, a character in ''Tom and Jerry'' cartoons * T.O.M., the robot host/mascot of Adult Swim's
Toonami Toonami ( ) is an American late night television programming block that primarily broadcasts Japan , image_flag = Flag of Japan.svg , alt_flag = Centered deep red circle on a white rectangle , image_c ...
action block * Tom, a fictional dinosaur from ''Tom'' (children's television show) * Tom, the main protagonist in '' Tree Fu Tom'' * Tom, the eldest character in '' Tots TV'' * Tom Lucitor, the demon character in '' Star vs. the Forces of Evil'' * Tom (Paralympic mascot)


* ''Tom'' (2002 film), a documentary film directed by Mike Hoolboom * ''Tom'' (1973 film), a blaxploitation film * Tom (instrument) * Tom (American TV series) * Tom (Spanish TV series) * ''Tom'', a 1970 album by Tom Jones * Tom-tom drum


* Tom (river), in Russia, a right tributary of the Ob * Tom (Amur Oblast), in Russia, a left tributary of the Zeya


* A male cat * A male Turkey (bird), turkey


* or overseas territory * Text Object Model, a Microsoft Windows programming interface * Theory of mind, the ability to attribute mental states to oneself and others and to understand that others have states that are different from one's own * Thomson Airways ICAO code * Tom (pattern matching language), a pattern matching and transform language * Translocase of the outer membrane, a protein for intracellular protein-equilibrium * Troops Out Movement, campaigned against British involvement in Northern Ireland * Tune-o-matic, a guitar bridge design * Target operating model, a description of the desired state of an organizational model in a business at a chosen date

Other uses

* Tom (pattern matching language), a programming language * Tom, Oklahoma * TOM Group, a Chinese media company * TOM Online, a Chinese mobile internet company * TOM (psychedelic) * Tom (gender identity), a gender identity in Thailand

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