THSR Hsinchu Station (Chinese: 高鐵新竹站; pinyin: Gāotiě Xīnzhú Zhàn) is an elevated station of Taiwan High Speed Rail located in Zhubei, Hsinchu County, Taiwan. It opened for service in 2006. The THSR Hsinchu Station was designed by Taiwanese architect Kris Yao.


THSR Hsinchu Station concourse
THSR Hsinchu Station waiting area

The station has two side platforms and is the smallest station on the system. The newly opened Taiwan Railway Administration Liujia Line (a spur of the 12 km (7.5 mi) Neiwan Line) links the high-speed rail station with the TRA Hsinchu Station.[3][4] Liujia Line opened service on 11 November 2011.[3][5]

The station was designed by Kris Yao and constructed by Daiho Corporation.[6] Construction began in July 2002 and was completed in October 2006, and covers a building site area of 10,451 m2 (112,490 sq ft) and a total floor area of 20,360 m2 (219,200 sq ft).[6]

Station layout

Side platform
Platform 1 THSR toward Nangang (Taoyuan)
Platform 2 THSR toward Zuoying (Taichung)
Side platform
2F Connecting Level Faregates, waiting area, nursery
Street Level Concourse Entrance/Exit, ticketing, automatic ticket machines, restrooms, information desk
Tourism counter, stores
Parking lot, transfer station, taxi stand, drop-off area

Around the station


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Preceding station Taiwan High Speed Rail Following station
toward Nangang
Taiwan High Speed Rail Miaoli
toward Zuoying

Coordinates: 24°48′30.36″N 121°2′24.86″E / 24.8084333°N 121.0402389°E / 24.8084333; 121.0402389