Týr (pronounced [tʰʊɪːɹ]) is a Faroese folk metal band.[1] Their subject matter revolves almost entirely around Viking lore, mythology, and history,[2] taking their name from Týr, the god of law and justice in Norse religion. They signed a worldwide deal with Austria's Napalm Records in early 2006, while signed to the Faroese record label Tutl. In September 2012, they signed a three-album deal with Metal Blade Records.


Before Týr, Heri Joensen and Gunnar H. Thomsen formed their first band; Cruiser, at the age of seventeen. Streymoy also played with them for a short while. They later changed their name to Wolfgang. Although neither band released any albums, Wolfgang, who are still active, recorded an undisclosed amount of songs that, according to Joensen, are "pretty much ready to release."[3]

Týr formed in January 1998. Heri Joensen met his old bandmate, Kári Streymoy, at a party in Copenhagen. Joensen suggested to Streymoy that they should meet up and jam. Streymoy initially declined, but later took him up on his offer. They were soon joined by another former bandmate, bassist Gunnar H. Thomsen, expanding the duo into a trio. In 2001, guitarist Terji Skibenæs joined the band.

They began making music which was heavily inspired by Norse mythology, kvæði (Faroese traditional music), and heavy metal music in general. According to the band's frontman Heri Joensen:

Týr's musical mission is to break down the walls that are erected between all the kinds of metal that have arisen over the years. Power, doom, black, progressive, gothic, viking, folk, ethnic and epic metal. Walls and labels do nothing but fill people with prejudice.[4]


Týr performing live at Bilston, Wolverhampton in October 2013.

They performed at the Ragnarök Festival in 2007 and 2009.[5][6]

Týr was a part of the Paganfest tour in Europe and the U.S. in 2008, with Ensiferum headlining. Other bands on the tour included Eluveitie, Turisas in the United States, and Moonsorrow and Korpiklaani joined them on the European part of the tour.

In 2009, the band also took part in the "Black Sails over Europe" tour, supporting Alestorm, who were promoting their album Black Sails at Midnight.

Later, in 2010, the band would support Amon Amarth and Holy Grail on Amon Amarth's North American tour for select dates.

In January 2011 and 2013, Týr played on the "70,000 Tons of Metal" cruise ship event with 40 other bands.

In 2012, the band supported Korpiklaani on their "Manala" tour in the US and Canada along with Metsatöll and Moonsorrow.

During April 2013, Týr joined Ensiferum, Heidevolk, and others for the North American leg of the Paganfest tour.

They took part in a European tour between 6 September - 14 October 2013 with Finnish folk metal band Finntroll and Icelandic band Skálmöld. The tour is called "Blodsvept over Europe".[7]

Band members

Terji Skibenæs in Metalmania 2007.

Singer Pól Arni Holm and guitarist Jón Joensen (Heri Joensen's brother) were part of the band while they recorded How Far to Asgaard but left soon after its release.

Terji Skibenæs joined after Jón Joensen had left the band. Allan Streymoy (Kári Streymoy's brother) took over singing duties for a brief time during which they released the single "Ólavur Riddararós". After Allan left, Heri Joensen took over the vocals. It was this line up which recorded Eric the Red.

Skibenæs left the band for a while after the release of Eric the Red. The band played as a trio for some time. In the summer of 2004 they were joined by Icelandic guitarist Ottó P. Arnarson for a very brief time. When Arnarson left, Skibenæs came back.

Kári Streymoy had a back injury in January 2008, which made him unable to tour until October the same year. Amon Djurhuus, a Faeroese drummer and student of Kári Streymoy, played the drums on the European part of the Paganfest, Merlin Sutter from Eluveitie filled for him on the US part and Daniel Ryan from Gigan on the Canadian part. After that for the festival tour in Europe Amon Djurhuus filled for Kári again. In October 2008 Kári Streymoy was ready to go again for the Ragnarök's Aaskereia Festival Tour.

Týr announced on 12 May 2013 via their official website as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Myspace pages that they had parted ways with long-time drummer Kári Streymoy, owing to the back injury he had received in 2008 which had affected his drumming. On May 15, 2013, they announced that renowned metal drummer George Kollias will record drums for their seventh album Valkyrja. Amon Djurhuus enters temporarily in the band, once again, for the tour with Finntroll between September and October 2013.[8]

Side projects

Current Týr lead singer, Heri Joensen, is working on a side project with the band Heljareyga. They released their self-titled debut album in 2010.[9] All lyrics on the album are in Faroese.[10] It was released first as a download on February 12, 2010 at both Gucca and shop2download digital retailers,[11] but CD copies came later available at Tutl Records. The songs "Regnið" and "Feigdin" can be heard on the band's MySpace.


Current members

Former members

  • Jón Joensen – lead vocals, guitars (1998-2000)
  • Pól Arni Holm – lead vocals (1998-2002)
  • Allan Streymoy – lead vocals (2002)
  • Ottó P. Arnarson – guitars (2004)
  • Kári Streymoy – drums (1998-2013)






  • Tutl 25 ár – Live 2002 (contributed "Sand in the Wind") (2002) (Live)
  • The Realm of Napalm Records (CD/DVD) (On DVD, track No. 17 "Regin Smiður" and No. 18 "Hail to the Hammer") (On CD, track No. 13 "Regin Smiður") (2006)
  • Black Sails Over Europe (2009) (Split album with Alestorm and Heidevolk)


  • "Hail to the Hammer" (2002)
  • "Ormurin Langi" (2002)
  • "Regin Smiður" (2003)
  • "Sinklars Vísa" (2008)
  • "Hold the Heathen Hammer High" (2009)
  • "Flames of the Free" (2011)
  • "Blood of Heroes" (2013)
  • "The Lay of Our Love" (2014)


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