Sydney Airport Holdings (ASXSYD) is a publicly–listed Australian holding company which owns a 100% interest in Sydney Airport via Sydney Airport Corporation. The company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and has its head office located in Sydney, New South Wales.


In 1989, Qantas Airways bought a 30-year lease on the domestic terminal of Sydney Airport, but sold it back to the Airport's operator in August 2015 for 395 million USD.[2]

In 2002, the Macquarie Bank bought a 99-year lease on the airport for $5.6 billion.[3]

The company was known as Macquarie Airports as a combination of trusts managed by Macquarie Group until it was spun off in 2009 to form MAp Airports. MAp owned shareholdings in Brussels and Copenhagen Airports, and an 84.8% stake in Sydney Airport.

In 2011, MAp Airports traded its stakes in the Brussels and Copenhagen airports to the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan in exchange for the OTPP's 11% stake in Sydney airport.[4] In December 2011, MAp Airports renamed itself Sydney Airport Holdings.[5] The company retained a 1% stake in Bristol Airport until 2013.[6]

In 2013 Sydney Airport Holdings took a 100% stake in Sydney Airport by issuing securities to, or buying out, minority owners of the airport, which included various superannuation funds.[7]

In August 2013, it was revealed that, since the airport had been acquired by the Macquarie Bank in 2002, it didn't pay corporate taxes, even though all other airports in the country did.[8] In November 2013, the Macquarie Bank sold its shares of the airport back to its own shareholders, cashing $377 million in the process.[3]


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