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Sveti Martin na Muri (, "St-Martin-on-the- Mur") is a village and municipality in
Međimurje County Međimurje County (; hr, Međimurska županija ; hu, Muraköz megye) is a triangle-shaped county in the northernmost part of Croatia, roughly corresponding to the historical and geographical region of Međimurje. Despite being the smallest Cr ...
, in northern
Croatia , image_flag = Flag of Croatia.svg , image_coat = Coat of arms of Croatia.svg , anthem = " Lijepa naša domovino"("Our Beautiful Homeland") , image_map = , map_caption = , capi ...


In Ancient time
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settlement ''Halicanum'' stood on the site of today's village Sveti Martin na Muri. Settlement was located on the
Roman road Roman roads ( la, viae Romanae ; singular: ; meaning "Roman way") were physical infrastructure vital to the maintenance and development of the Roman state, and were built from about 300 BC through the expansion and consolidation of the Roman Re ...
that led from Poetovio to
Carnuntum Carnuntum ( according to Ptolemy) was a Roman legionary fortress ( la, castra legionis) and headquarters of the Pannonian fleet from 50 AD. After the 1st century, it was capital of the Pannonia Superior province. It also became a large c ...
. In year 1334 Sveti Martin na Muri was recorded as Catholic parish named ''Sancti Martini'' in Census of parishes of Zagreb Diocese. In the late 16th century, the nobleman Nicolaus Malakoczy built a castle in the village of Lapšina. The castle fell into disrepair during 19th century and by the 1930s it was completely demolished. In year 1911 in the hamlet of Vučkovec mineral water was found while drilling for oil. In 1936 first pool was built at Vučkovec spring which marked the beginning
Spa Resort A destination spa or health resort is a resort centered on a spa, such as a mineral spa. Historically, many such spas were developed at the location of natural hot springs or mineral springs; in the era before modern biochemical knowledge and ...
in village of Toplice Sveti Martin. Municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri was established in year 1992.


Sveti Martin na Muri is located in part of Međimurje called Gornje Međimurje at border with
Slovenia Slovenia ( ; sl, Slovenija ), officially the Republic of Slovenia (Slovene: , abbr.: ''RS''), is a country in Central Europe. It is bordered by Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast, Croatia to the southeast, an ...
. Village of Sveti Martin na Muri, municipality centre, is about 19 kilometres northwest from
Čakovec Čakovec (; hu, Csáktornya; la, Aquama; german: Tschakathurn) is a city in northern Croatia, located around north of Zagreb, the Croatian capital. Čakovec is both the county seat and the largest city of Međimurje County, the northernmost, sm ...
, and some 110 kilometres north of
Zagreb Zagreb ( , , , ) is the capital (political), capital and List of cities and towns in Croatia#List of cities and towns, largest city of Croatia. It is in the Northern Croatia, northwest of the country, along the Sava river, at the southern slop ...
. The municipality covers an area of 25.24 km2. Geomorphologically, the municipality can be divided into two parts. The southern part consists of low hills called Međimurske Gorice, while the northern part consists of alluvial plain of the river Mur. River Mur divides municipality in two parts. All settlements of municipality are located on the right bank of the Mur, and the left bank consists of the wetlands and fields. Floodplain of River Mur is part of natural protected area called Regional park Mura-Drava. There is a border crossing with Slovenia in municipality. Border crossing connects municipality with village of Hotiza in Slovenian
Prekmurje Prekmurje (; dialectically: ''Prèkmürsko'' or ''Prèkmüre''; hu, Muravidék) is a geographically, linguistically, culturally and ethnically defined region of Slovenia, settled by Slovenes and a Hungarian minority, lying between the Mur R ...
. Area on the left bank of river Mur is part of ongoing border dispute between Croatia and Slovenia.


In the 2011 census, the municipality had a population of 2,605 in 14 villages. Sveti Martin na Muri is experiencing
population decline A population decline (also sometimes called underpopulation, depopulation, or population collapse) in humans is a reduction in a human population size. Over the long term, stretching from prehistory to the present, Earth's total human population ...
since the 1980s. The majority of inhabitants are
Croats The Croats (; hr, Hrvati ) are a South Slavic ethnic group who share a common Croatian ancestry, culture, history and language. They are also a recognized minority in a number of neighboring countries, namely Austria, the Czech Republic, Ge ...
making up 97% of population.



The Church of Saint Martin was built in the late Middle Ages time and later restyled in a baroque manner. There are references to the church from 1334 (''Sancti Martini'') and then in 1501 (''Sancti Martini superioris'') and 1650 (''Sancti Martini in Komory''). The sanctuary is polygonal, arched with late-gothic cross vault, which is carried with ten consoles which are engraved with angel figures and floral ornaments. One has the year 1468 engraved in and there are gothic fresco wall paintings. The present
sacristy A sacristy, also known as a vestry or preparation room, is a room in Christian churches for the keeping of vestments (such as the alb and chasuble) and other church furnishings, sacred vessels, and parish records. The sacristy is usually locat ...
was built in 1777. The baroque chapel of Saint Margaret in village of Kapelščak was built in year 1775.


The municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri has a highly developed
rural tourism Rural tourism is a tourism that focuses on actively participating in a rural lifestyle. It can be a variant of ecotourism. Many villages can facilitate tourism because many villagers are hospitable and eager to welcome or host visitors. Agriculture ...
industry. It is considered one of the best
health Health, according to the World Health Organization, is "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity".World Health Organization. (2006)''Constitution of the World Health Organizat ...
and wellness tourism destinations in Croatia, and has received several regional, national and international tourism awards. In 2007, Sveti Martin na Muri was named one of the 10 Best Emerging European Rural Destinations of Excellence. Bathing tourism is based on the healing power of the Vučkovec
mineral spring Mineral springs are naturally occurring springs that produces hard water, water that contains dissolved minerals. Salts, sulfur compounds, and gases are among the substances that can be dissolved in the spring water during its passage und ...


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Awarded "EDEN - European Destinations of Excellence" non traditional tourist destination 2007
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