The Surre (Somali: Surre, Arabic: سري‎), also known as Dir Somalia, is one of the Noble Somali clan Families among other Tribes in central and southern Somalia they are well know for their Hospitality and love of other Somali clan. It is a sub-division of the ancestor of Dir. mainly they live in Galmudug Region of Somalia and the North of Gedo region of Somalia with a number of clash with Hawadle Clan in Hiran Region of Somalia they are now in a large number of population in Defow and Kabhanley Villages of Hiran.

according to the Books of Somali origination they are regarded as those who have welcomed Darood Ismail in his arrival from Arab lands and they are also regarded as the younger Brother of Dombira Dir.


In the Bari , Mudug ,and Nugaal regions of Somalia and is a cluster of the Dir clans known as the Surre (Abdalle and Qubeys). The Surre have been associated with spreading the Islamic faith in Somalia and the Qadiriya Sufi tariiqa in southern Somalia. They left the Lafaruug area of Woqooyi Galbeed region where their founder was killed during the clashes with the Ethiopians and they were defeated. That last defeat forced the Biimal to flee to the Lower Shabeele region while the Surre (Abdalle and Qubeys) fled to Central and southern Somalia. The majority of western scholars (both Italian and British) simply referred to the Surre as the "Dir of central Somalia" without differentiating them, but recent studies in Somalia revealed that the majority of the Dir in Bari, Nugaal, and Gedo are divided into two branches, the Qubeys and Abdalle, both descendants of Surre.

As of 1996 the Surre were represented by the Southern Somali National Movement led by Abdi Aziz Sheikh Yusuf.[1]


Qubeys and Abdalles, both Surre subclans, inhabit central Somalia.The Saleban Abdalle[2] clan is mainly local to Puntland especially in districts of Nugal and Bari region such as Garoowe, Qardho and Eyl while another cluster of Abdalle clan of mainly Fiqi Mohamad reside from Xeraale in Galgaduud all the way to Boholgaras of Gedo parallel to the Ethio-Somali border. The Qubeys clan is a native to Bacadweyne district in Galmudug.