The Supreme Court of Justice (Portuguese: Supremo Tribunal de Justiça, pronounced [suˈpɾemu tɾibuˈnaɫ dɨ ʒuʃˈtisɐ], STJ) is the highest court of law in Portugal without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court.

The judges of the STJ are titled "Counselors" (conselheiros). Its President is elected by and from among the judges of the court.

The STJ is installed in the buildings of the northern wing of the Terreiro do Paço square in Lisbon.


The competences of the Supreme Court of Justice are the following:


The Supreme Court of Justice was created in 1833, in the scope of the separation of the Judicial power from the others, dictated by the establishment of the Portuguese Constitutional Monarchy.

The STJ replaced the ancient higher courts of the Kingdom, namely the Board of Conscience and Orders (Mesa da Consciência e Ordens) created in 1532, the Desembargo of the Palace (Desembargo do Paço) regulated in 1533 and the Council of State (Conselho de Estado) regulated in 1562. The judges of the STJ inherited the title of "Counselors" until then worn by the members of the Board of Conscience and Orders and of the Council of State.

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