Sunny Bay (Chinese: 欣澳; Cantonese Yale: Yān ou) is an MTR station in Yam O. It is between Tung Chung and Tsing Yi stations. The station is an interchange station between the Tung Chung Line and the Disneyland Resort Line to Hong Kong Disneyland. The station was originally to be named Yam O (). Yam O was not used probably because of its ominous connotations (Cantonese Yam is more commonly known to English speakers as Mandarin yin, which means darkness or a negative quality).

The station was the first MTR station to have automatic platform gates (APG) installed on the edge of its platforms. These gates range from ​12 to ​34 the height of the platform screen doors found in other MTR stations. In line with ground level and above-ground MTR stations, Sunny Bay and Disneyland Resort Station are not air conditioned, and rely on their open architecture to keep the temperature low.

Services to the station commenced on 1 June 2005. The transfer facilities to the Disneyland Resort Line opened on 1 August 2005. The livery of the station is slate grey. Platforms 1 (Tung Chung Line towards Tung Chung) and 3 (Disneyland Resort Line) are located opposite to each other to allow easy interchange of trains for passengers travelling from the urban areas. Architecture firm Aedas was the architect for the Disneyland Resort Line and the architect for the Sunny Bay and Disneyland Resort Stations.[1]

The Airport Express passes through the centre of the station without stopping. This station features emergency platforms for the Airport Express.

Station layout

Passengers travelling from Hong Kong can disembark and board Disneyland Resort trains departing from the opposite platform. Passengers returning from Disneyland Resort must cross a footbridge to reach platform 2 to board Tung Chung Line trains heading towards Hong Kong. The exit gates are located on the same level and on the same side of the rail tracks as Platform 2.[2]

U1 Footbridge Footbridge between currently-in-use platforms
G Concourse Exit, transport interchange
Customer services, automatic teller machines
Side platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 2      Tung Chung line towards Hong Kong (Tsing Yi)
Island platform, not in service, used for emergencies only
Airport Express      Airport Express does not stop here →
Airport Express      Airport Express does not stop here
Island platform, not in service, used for emergencies only
Platform 1      Tung Chung line towards Tung Chung (Terminus)
Island platform, doors will open on the left for Tung Chung Line, right for Disneyland Resort Line
Platform 3      Disneyland Resort line towards Disneyland Resort (Terminus)



  • A: Transport interchange

Situated in reclaimed land near Yam O, the area is uninhabited and the sole exit leads to an emergency car park and transport interchange.[3] As of 2005, the interchange is solely used by residents of Discovery Bay as the only bus routes run from the interchange to Discovery Bay.

Public transport interchange

Bus routes

To Discovery Bay:[3]

  • DB03R
  • DB03P

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