The Sulkovian dialect (Silesian: ''sulkowski djalekt''; pl|dialekt sułkowski) is one of the Silesian dialects, extracted by Feliks Steuer in his work ''Dialekt sułkowski'' (1934).http://slunskoeka.pyrsk.com/gysichta.html#33. It is a part of the Silesian-Lach border dialects; its name derives from Steuer's native village Sulków. The works ''Ostatni gwojźdźaurz'' and ''Z naszej źymjy ślůnskej'' were written in this dialect. The characteristic features of Sulkovian phonology are: * the evolution of former long ''a'' into ''au'', pronounced ; * keeping of hard k and g in the combinations ''ky'' and ''gy'', e.g. ''okynka'' (windows), ''pługy'' (ploughs); * so-called "anticipation of softness" - adding the consonant ''j'', e.g. ''kujźńa'' (smithy); *the evolution of nasal vowel at the end of a word into ''am'', e.g. ''cebulam'' (onion, the accusative case).http://www.slunskoeka.pyrsk.com/gawyndy.html#4.



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