The Info List - Succulent Karoo

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The SUCCULENT KAROO is a desert ecoregion of South Africa
South Africa
and Namibia .


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The Succulent Karoo stretches along the coastal strip of southwestern Namibia
and South Africa's Northern Cape Province
Northern Cape Province
, where the cold Benguela Current
Benguela Current
offshore creates frequent fogs. The ecoregion extends inland into the uplands of South Africa's Western Cape Province
Western Cape Province
. It is bounded on the south by the Mediterranean climate
Mediterranean climate
fynbos , on the east by the Nama Karoo , which has more extreme temperatures and variable rainfall, and on the north by the Namib Desert
Namib Desert


The Succulent Karoo is notable for the world's richest flora of succulent plants , and harbours about one-third of the world’s approximately 10,000 succulent species. 40% of its succulent plant are endemic. The region is extraordinarily rich in geophytes , harbouring approximately 630 species.


The ecoregion is a centre of diversity and endemism for reptiles and many invertebrates . Of the ecoregion’s 50 scorpion species, 22 are endemic. Monkey beetles , largely endemic to southern Africa, are concentrated in the Succulent Karoo and are important pollinators of the flora. So, too, are the Hymenoptera
and masarine wasps , and colletid , fideliid , and melittid bees.

Approximately 15 amphibians are found in this ecoregion, including three endemics; among the region’s 115 reptile species, 48 are endemic and 15 are strict endemics. The Sperregebiet region is a hotspot for an unusual tortoise, the Nama padloper .