WB, Wb, or wb may refer to:

Businesses and organizations

  • Warner Bros., a large American film and television company
    • The WB, a United States television network from 1995 to 2006
    • WB Channel, an Indian channel from Warner Bros
  • RwandAir, a Rwandan airline whose International Air Transport Association code is "WB"
  • Wachovia, an American banking chain whose former New York Stock Exchange IP was "WB"
  • W.B. Mason, an American office supply company
  • World Bank Group, an International finance organization
  • World Bowling, the International governing body for nine-pin and ten-pin bowling
  • Whataburger, a speed-food restaurant chain in the southern United States from Florida to Arizona
  • WildBlue, a satellite internet service provider
  • Waagner-Biro, an Austrian company
  • Wild Bunch (company), film financer from France


  • West Bengal, a state in eastern India, whose ISO abbreviation is "IN-WB"
  • West Bank of the river Jordan, a disputed region in the Middle East
  • West Brighton, a neighborhood on the North Shore of Staten Island, colloquially termed "the WB" or "the West"