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Subdivision may refer to:

Administrative division, a portion of a country or other political division, established for the purpose of government

Subdivision (land), a term for an urban or suburban area, especially if recently parceled up into smaller plots for new uses Census geographic units of Canada
Census geographic units of Canada
(Census subdivision), a term used in Canada Subdivision (country subdivision), a designation for some specific subdivisions A 3rd level administrative government equivalent to a tehsil in some states in India and Pakistan, and in parts of Pakistan the tehsil (as 4th level) lies within the Sub-Division

Subdivision (meter), a term for division of the beat in music Subdivision (botany), a taxonomic rank below a phylum and equivalent to a subphylum Subdivision (rank), a taxonomic rank Subdivision (film), starring Gary Sweet Subdivision (graph theory), mathematics "Subdivision" (Prison Break episode), the twenty-eighth episode of American television series Prison Break Subdivisions (EP), an EP consisting of re-interpretations of songs from Clearing the Channel (2005) Subdivision surface, a term in computer graphics Trackage, specifically a named section (North American usage)


"Subdivisions" (song), by the rock group Rush

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