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Stupni Do is a village in the municipality of Vareš in central Bosnia and Herzegovina It is located 3 km southeast of the city of Vareš. This small village received notoriety because of the Bosnian War Stupni Do massacre (1993), in which Croat forces killed 37 Bosniaks.[1] Demographics[edit] According to the 1991 census the village had a total population 255 people: 217 Bosniaks, 35 Serbs, 2 Croats and 1 Yugoslav. References[edit]

^ ICTY - Ivica Rajic sentencing judgement - II. FACTS - Paragraph 49

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A story about the Stupni Do massacre and following events written by a UN soldier

Coordinates: 44°07′30″N 18°19′25″E / 44.125°N 18.3236°E