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The structure of a thing is how the parts of it relate to each other, how it is "assembled". Structure
may also refer to: In architecture:

Architectural structure, a man-made structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or continuous occupancy

Building Non-building structure Building

In engineering:

Structural engineering Structural analysis, the study of the strength and properties of structures.

In art:

Structural art, examples of structural engineering that attain excellence in the three areas of efficiency, economy, and elegance.

In biology:

Canopy (ecology)
Canopy (ecology)
structure, organization or three-dimensional geometry of a plant canopy Community (ecology)
Community (ecology)
structure, ecological organization of a biological community Structure
(journal), a scientific journal describing protein structures Structure, a journal on form and function in modern biology

In chemistry:

Chemical structure, the spatial arrangement of atoms and bonds in a molecule

Protein structure

The spatial arrangement of ions, atoms, or molecules in condensed matter

Crystal structure Structure
of liquids and glasses

In physics:

Large-scale structure of the cosmos

In geology:

Structural geology, the three dimensional distribution of rock bodies and their planar or folded surfaces, and their internal fabrics

In computer science:

Data structure, a way of storing data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently

In mathematics:

Mathematical structure on a set, additional mathematical objects that in some manner attach to the set, making it easier to visualize or work with, or endowing the collection with meaning or significance Algebraic structure, the systems that are studied in universal algebra Structure
(mathematical logic), the algebraic structures studied in model theory Structure
constants, defining a Lie algebra or an algebra over a field Structuralism
(philosophy of mathematics), a theory in the philosophy of mathematics that holds that mathematical theories describe structures of mathematical objects

In social sciences and linguistics:

Structuralism, the theory that elements of human culture must be understood in terms of their relationship to a larger, overarching system or structure Structural linguistics, an approach to linguistics originating from the work of Ferdinand de Saussure, a part of the overall approach of structuralism Deep structure and surface structure, concepts in linguistics, specifically the study of syntax in the Chomskyan tradition Social structure, a pattern of social arrangements in society Structural functionalism, a theory of society as a system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability Functional structuralism, a theory of society that deduces structure from function Structural anthropology, a theory of social structure in primitive societies, strongly associated with the work of Claude Lévi Strauss Biogenetic structuralism, a theory of anthropology grounded in neuroscience Structuration theory, a theory of social systems based in the analysis of both structure and agents Structure
and agency, two confronted theories about human behaviour Base and superstructure, two parts of a Marxist analysis of society Structural Marxism, an approach to Marxism based on structuralism, associated with Louis Althusser Structuralism
(architecture), a structuralist critique of architecture Structuralist film theory, a branch of film theory rooted in structuralism Post-structuralism, the theory that structuralism evolved into

In philosophy:

The Structure
of Scientific Revolutions, a book by Thomas Kuhn on the history of science

In literature:

Dramatic structure, the way dramatic works, such as plays or films, are organized Narrative structure, the order and manner in which a narrative is presented to a reader, listener, or viewer

In finance:

Financial structure, the area of finance dealing with monetary decisions that business enterprises make and the tools and analysis used to make these decisions

Capital structure, the way a corporation finances its assets through a combination of equity, debt, or hybrid securities Structured finance, a sector of finance created to help provide increased liquidity or funding sources to markets

In music:

Structures, a 2006 album by guitarist John Abercrombie Structures (Boulez), composition Structures (album), by John Digweed Structures from Silence, album by Steve Roach Structures of Death, album by Fleshcrawl Structures, a Canadian deathcore band

may also refer to:

Structure, the former name for the Express Men
Express Men
clothing brand

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