Stories of the Danube is a symphony by Joe Zawinul, which was commissioned by the Brucknerhaus, Linz. It was first performed as part of the ''Linzer Klangwolke'' (a large-scale open-air broadcast event), for the opening of the 1993 Bruckner Festival in Linz, on September 12. In its seven movements (plus a finale), the symphony traces the course of the Danube from Donaueschingen through various countries ending at the Black Sea.


The symphony was recorded as a studio album by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Caspar Richter, at Dukla Radio Studio, Brno, in November 1995 and Music Room, New York City, in February 1996.allmusic Biography/ref>

Track listing

# "Beginning: ''In the depths of the forest a spring wells up: A river is born''" – 5:49 # "Mountain Waters: ''Waterfalls of melted snow cascade into the young river''" – 3:30 # "Empire: ''An impression of life in the reign of emperor Franz Joseph at the turn of the century''" – 11:22 # "Intro" – 3:52 # "Gypsy: ''History of a free people without a home''" – 7:35 # "Voice of the Danube: ''On the riverbed, an imposing rock watches History''" – 5:53 # "Unknown Soldier: ''A stream of blood and violence: The Second World War''" – 5:52 # "Intro" – 4:26 # "Sultan: ''900 years of Ottoman Empire''" – 7:59 # "Finale: ''The nations of the Danube celebrate peace''" – 2:33


*Joe Zawinul - Keyboards, Vocals *Caspar Richter - Conductor *Amit Chatterjee - Guitar, Vocals *Burhan Öçal - Percussion, Vocals *Arto Tunçboyacıyan - Percussion, Vocals *Walter Grassman - Drums *Brno Philharmonic Orchestra


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