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Steven Agnew (born 12 October 1979) is the leader of the Green Party in Northern Ireland. He was elected as an MLA to the Northern Ireland Assembly in May 2011.


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Early life[edit] Agnew was born in Dundonald
and studied at Brooklands Primary School, Grosvenor Grammar School
Grosvenor Grammar School
and Queen's University Belfast. Sammy Wilson and Michelle McIlveen were teachers at his school. He grew up around a "very negative political landscape", where politics was "about being anti-Catholic, anti the Pope
and anti-Sinn Féin."[1] Political career[edit] Agnew joined the Green Party in 2003 during its campaign against the invasion of Iraq.[2] During a protest march from Queen's to the US Consulate, he met John Barry, who convinced him that "the Green Party had a practical agenda of what needed to be changed". He came to believe "environmental justice is interlinked" with social justice.[1] At the 2007 Northern Ireland Assembly
Northern Ireland Assembly
election, he stood in Belfast East, where he took 2.2% of the vote and was not elected. Brian Wilson was successful for the party at the election, and Agnew became his full-time research officer.[2] He was the party's candidate for the 2009 European Parliament election in the Northern Ireland constituency, where he increased the party's share to 3.3%, although he still came bottom of the poll.[3] At the 2010 United Kingdom general election, he stood in North Down, taking 3.1% of the votes cast.[4] He increased this to 5.4% in 2015 and 6.5% in 2017. In January 2011, Agnew was elected as the first leader of the Green Party, beating Cadogan Enright in a postal ballot. He successfully contested the North Down seat in the 2011 Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
Assembly election.[5] References[edit]

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Northern Ireland
leader for Green Party", BBC News, 10 January 2011

External links[edit]

Official website Steven Agnew - Northern Ireland Assembly
Northern Ireland Assembly
website Steven Agnew - Green Party website

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland

Preceded by Brian Wilson MLA for North Down 2011–present Incumbent

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