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Stephen John Pisarkiewicz (born November 10, 1953) is a former professional American football
American football
player who played quarterback. Pisarkiewicz played in the NFL, CFL, USFL
and British leagues during his career.


1 College career 2 Professional career

2.1 NFL 2.2 CFL 2.3 USFL

3 Time in Europe

3.1 Cardiff
Tigers 3.2 Birmingham Bulls 3.3 Dublin Celts 3.4 Barcelona Boxers

4 References

College career[edit] Pisarkiewicz was recruited by Tennessee, but joined the Missouri Tigers and was considered the best passer at the school since Paul Christman and drew attention from NFL scouts.[1] In 1975, Pisarkiewicz led the Big 8 in passing yards, and was second in passing touchdowns.[2] Professional career[edit] NFL[edit] Pisarkiewicz was drafted 19th overall by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1977 NFL draft, apparently at the insistence of owner Bill Bidwill.[3] Expected to take over the starting job from the aging Jim Hart, he failed to impress head coach Bud Wilkinson and started just 4 games in his time in St. Louis.[4][5] After leaving St. Louis, Pisarkiewicz played in one game in 1980 for the Green Bay Packers.[6] CFL[edit] In 1982, Pisarkiewicz was picked up by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.[7] However, his time there was limited and he soon moved back to the US. USFL[edit] Pisarkiewicz spent 1983 with the Philadelphia Stars but again found playing time limited.[8] He was given two years probation in the same year after pleading guilty to an incident of indecent exposure in Clayton, Missouri.[9] He spent time in 1985 with the Orlando Renegades.[10] Time in Europe[edit] Cardiff
Tigers[edit] In 1986, Pisarkiewicz and a friend went to the United Kingdom and played for the Cardiff
Tigers in the Welsh capital. The then-33 year old served as the team's coach, general manager, player personnel director, marketing director and starting quarterback. In 1987, the Tigers finished 7-5, and in 1988, Pisarkiewicz threw 44 passing touchdowns.[11] Birmingham Bulls[edit] Following the dissolution of the Cardiff
Tigers, Pisarkiewicz joined the Birmingham Bulls as general manager. Due to the absence of starting quarterback Russ Jensen, Pisarkiewicz was pushed to play for the Bulls, partly to justify his salary, which was the highest in British American football.[12] Pisarkiewicz played in one game for the Bulls, against the Dublin Celts before resigning as general manager of the Bulls due to internal strife.[13] Dublin Celts[edit] Two weeks after defeating them, Pisarkiewicz joined the Dublin Celts as their head coach and general manager.[14] He coached the Celts to the playoffs, before swiftly departing for the United States where he presented the Celts with an ultimatum.[15] Barcelona Boxers[edit] After leaving the Celts, Pisarkiewicz became quarterback for the Barcelona Boxers.[16] References[edit]

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