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Steve is a masculine given name, usually a short form (
hypocorism A hypocorism ( or ; from Ancient Greek: (), from (), 'to call by pet names') or pet name is a name used to show affection for a person or object. It may be a diminutive form of a person's name, such as ''Izzy'' for Isabel or ''Bob (given n ...
) of Steven or Stephen. Notable people with the name include: * Steve Abbott (disambiguation), several people * Steve Adams (disambiguation), several people * Steve Alaimo (born 1939), American singer, record & TV producer, label owner * Steve Albini (born 1961), American musician, record producer, audio engineer, and music journalist * Steve Allen (1921–2000), American television personality, musician, composer, comedian and writer * Steve Augarde (born 1950), British author, artist, and designer * Steve Augeri (born 1959), American singer * Steve August (born 1954), American football player * Stone Cold Steve Austin (born 1964), American professional wrestler * Steve Backshall (born 1973), English naturalist, writer and television presenter * Steve Baker (disambiguation), several people * Steve Ballmer (born 1956), American businessman, CEO of Microsoft (2000–2014) and owner of the Los Angeles Clippers * Steve Barker (disambiguation), several people * Steve Bartelstein, American television journalist and umpire * Steve Bays, Canadian musician, audio engineer, and producer * Steve Beauharnais (born 1990), American football player * Steve Belkin (born 1947), American businessman, former team owner * Steve Belles (born 1966), American football player * Steve Berman, American editor and novelist * Steve Berman (lawyer), Steve W. Berman, American lawyer * Steve Beshear (born 1944), American attorney and politician * Steve Biko (1946–1977), South African anti-apartheid activist * Steve Billirakis (born 1986), American professional poker player * Steve Birnbaum (born 1991), American soccer player * Steve Bjorklund (born c. 1960), American musician * Steve Blackman (born 1963), American martial arts instructor, bail bondsman, and former professional wrestler * Steve Bren (born 1960), American racing driver and real estate developer * Steve Broderick (born 1981), vocalist * Steve Brodie (disambiguation), several people * Steve Brodner (born 1954), American editorial cartoonist, editor, and producer * Steve Brown (disambiguation), several people * Steve Buccellato (born 1968), American comic artist, writer, and editor * Steve Bullock (British politician) (born 1954), first directly elected mayor of the London Borough of Lewisham * Steve Bullock (American politician) (born 1966), Governor of Montana, USA * Steve Burns (born 1973), American actor, filmmaker, and musician * Steve Burton (disambiguation), several people * Steve Burtt Jr., American-Ukrainian basketball player who played in and Israeli league * Steve Buscemi (born 1957), American actor, director, producer, writer, and former firefighter * Steve Callaghan, American screenwriter, producer, and voice actor * Steve Cannon (radio) (1927–2009), American radio personality and TV host * Steve Cannon (writer) (1935–2019), American writer * Steve Cantwell (born 1986), American mixed martial arts fighter * Steve Cardenas (born 1974), American martial artist and actor * Steve Carell (born 1962), American actor, comedian, director, producer and writer * Steve Carroll, American professional sports broadcaster * Steve Carter (disambiguation), several people * Steve Carver (1945–2021), American filmmaker * Steve Case (born 1958), American entrepreneur and businessman, founder of America Online * Steve Chappell, American aerospace engineer, mountain climber and aquanaut * Steve Clark (disambiguation), several people * Steve Coleman (born 1956), American saxophonist * Steve Coleman (American football) (born 1950), American football player * Steve Conway (politician) (born 1944), American politician * Steve Conway (singer) (1920–1952), British singer * Steve Condos (1918–1990), American tap dancer * Steve Cooley (born 1947), American lawyer, politician, and former prosecutor * Steve Coulter, NASCAR team owner * Steve Cox (disambiguation), several people * Steve Davis (born 1957), British snooker player * DJ Steve Dee, Steve Dee, American disc jockey and innovator * Steve Dubbeldam, Canadian-American entrepreneur and fashion designer * Steve Dubinsky (born 1970), Canadian hockey player * Steve Dublanica (born 1968), American author and blogger * Steve Duemig (1954–2019), American sports media personality * Steve Edge (born 1972), English actor, writer, and comedian * Steve Erickson (born 1950), American novelist * Steve Evans (disambiguation), several people * Steve Foley (disambiguation), several people * Steve Fossett (1944–2007), American businessman * Steve Fox (disambiguation), several people * Steve Galluccio (born 1960), Canadian screenwriter and playwright * Steve Gawley (born 1952), special effects artist and voice actor * Steve George (keyboardist), Steve George (born 1955), American musician and singer * Steve Gibson (disambiguation), several people * Steve Gomer, American film and television director * Steve Gonzalez (born 1980), American soccer player * Steve Gonzalez (American football) (born 1981), American football player * Steve Gottlieb (disambiguation), several people * Steve or Steven Gray (disambiguation), several people * Steve Griffin (born 1964), American football player * Steve Hadley (disambiguation), several people * Steve Handelsman (born 1948), American journalist * Steve Harley (born 1951), British singer and songwriter, lead singer of Cockney Rebel * Steve Harvey (born 1957), American TV and radio personality * Steve Harris (disambiguation), several people * Steve High, American former women's basketball coach * Steve Hoffman (disambiguation), several people * Steve Holt (American musician), guitarist for the band 36 Crazyfists * Steve Holt (Canadian musician) (born 1954), Canadian musician * Steve Howe (baseball) (1958–2006), American baseball player * Steve Howe (musician) (born 1947), English guitarist * Steve Huebert (born 1959), Kansas state legislator * Steve "Silk" Hurley (born 1962), American club DJ, producer, and songwriter * Steve Ishmael (born 1995), American football player * Steve Irwin (disambiguation), several people * Steve Jackson (disambiguation), several people * Steve Jobs (1955–2011), American entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple Inc * Steve Johnson (disambiguation), several people * Steve Jones (disambiguation), several people * Steve Jordan (disambiguation), several people * Steve Julian (1958–2016), American radio broadcaster, actor, and playwright * Steve Kangas (1961–1999), American journalist, political activist, and chess teacher * Steve Kaplan (basketball), Steve Kaplan, American-Israeli basketball player * Steve Kearns (born 1956), Canadian football player * Steve Kekana (1958–2021), South African singer/songwriter * Steve Kelley (cartoonist), Steve Kelley, American editorial cartoonist, comic strip creator, comedian, and writer * Steve Kenyon (born 1951), English long-distance runner * Steve King (born 1949), American politician and businessman * Steven Klein (disambiguation), Steve Klein, several people * Steve Knapp (born 1964), American IndyCar driver * Steve Komphela (born 1967), South African association footballer * Steve Kowit (1938–2015), American poet, essayist, educator, and human-rights advocate * Steve Krisiloff (born 1946), American racing driver * Steve Krulevitz (born 1951), American tennis player * Steve Kuhn (born 1938), American pianist, composer, arranger, bandleader, and educator * Steve Lacy (disambiguation), several people * Steve J. Langdon (born 1948), American anthropologist * Steve Largent (born 1954), American football player and politician * Steve Lekoelea (born 1979), South African association footballer * Steve Leung (born 1957), Hong Kong architect and designer * Steve Light (born 1970), author and illustrator of children's books * Steve Lightfoot, a British television writer and producer * Steve Lightle (1959–2021), American comics artist * Steve Little (disambiguation), several people * Steve Longa (born 1994), American football player * Steve Lyons (writer), British writer * Steve Lyons (baseball) (born 1960), American baseball player and announcer/analyst * Steve MacGordon (1892–1916), American early aviator * Steve Madden (born 1958), American fashion designer and businessman, founder and CEO of Steve Madden Ltd * Steve Madere, American business executive * Steve Malovic (1956–2007), American-Israeli basketball player * Steve Mandanda (born 1985), French footballer * Steve Marmion, English theatre director * Steve Marriner (born 1984), Canadian musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer * Steve Martin (born 1945), American comedian * Steve Matai (born 1984), New Zealand rugby player * Steve Mac, Steve McCutcheon (born 1972), British record producer, songwriter, and musician * Steve McDonald (disambiguation), several people * Steve McNicholas (born 1955), English director, composer, actor, and dance group founder * Steve McQueen (1930–1980), American actor * Steve Miller (disambiguation), several people * Steve Moore (disambiguation), several people * Steve Nash (born 1974), Canadian basketball coach and player * Steve Nemeth (born 1967), Canadian ice hockey player * Steve Nemeth (gridiron football) (1922–1998), American football player * Steve Nguyen (born 1985), Vietnamese-American director, writer, artist, and film producer * Steve Nickles, American lawyer and professor * Steve O'Donnell (writer), Steve O'Donnell (born 1954), American television writer * Steve Owen (disambiguation), several people * Steve Owens (disambiguation), several people * Steve Parker (disambiguation), several people * Steve Patterson (disambiguation), several people * Steve Perry (disambiguation), several people * Steve Peterson (racing executive), Steve Peterson (1950–2008), American technical director for NASCAR * Steve Reinke (born 1963), Canadian video artist and filmmaker * Steve Rifkind (born 1962), American music entrepreneur and investor * Steve Robinson (disambiguation), several people * Steve Rodehutskors (1963–2007), Canadian football player * Steve Rohr, American communication expert, educator, public relations executive, and author * Steve Rubel, American public relations executive and professional blogger * Steve Rubell (1943–1989), American nightclub owner, former co-owner of Studio 54 * Steve Russell (disambiguation), several people * Steve Sanders (karate), Steve Sanders (born 1939), American martial artist and police officer * Steve Sarowitz (born 1965/1966), American billionaire, founder of Paylocity * Steve Scalise (born 1965), American Congressman * Steve Schlachter (born 1954), American-Israeli basketball player * Steve Sheldon, American politician * Steve Shelton (born 1949), American racing driver * Steve Shields (ice hockey), Steven Shields (born 1972), Canadian hockey player * Steve Silberman, American author and editor * Steve or Steven Smith (disambiguation), several people * Steve Soffa, American jewelry designer * Steve Brantley Spence (born 1989), American football player and federal convict * Steve Squyres (born 1957), American astronomer * Steve Stenger, Democrat politician and County Executive of St. Louis County * Steve Stivers (born 1965), American Congressman * Steve Stone (disambiguation), several people * Steve Swaja, American dragster designer * Steve Swallow (born 1940), American musician and composer * Steve Swindal, American businessman * Steve Swindall (born 1982), Scottish rugby player * Steve Swindells (born 1952), English singer-songwriter * Steve Talley (born 1981), American actor * Steve Tarvin (born 1951), American politician * Steve Tasker (born 1962), American sports reporter * Steve Trilling (1902–1964), American film studio producer and executive * Steve Tshwete (1938–2001), South African politician * Steve Vaus, American recording artist and politician * Steve Walsh (disambiguation), several people * Steve Weisberg (born 1963), American composer, pianist, recording artist, and producer * Steve Weissman, American sportscaster * Steve White (disambiguation), several people * Steve Whitmire (born 1959), American puppeteer * Steve Wilkos (born 1964), American talk-show host * Steve Williams (disambiguation), several people * Steve Winn (born 1981), Welsh rugby union player * Steve Winwood (born 1948), English singer * Steve Wozniak (born 1950), American co-founder of Apple Inc * Steve Yeager (born 1948), American baseball player * Steve Young (born 1961), American football player * Steve Zatylny, Canadian football player

In fiction

* Steve, a main character in the TV series ''Blue's Clues'' (played by Steve Burns) * Steve, the one of the main protagonists and default player characters in the game ''Minecraft'' * List of Corner Shop Show characters#Recurring characters, Steve, played by Michael Salami in the British web series ''Corner Shop Show'' * Steve Austin, the lead character in the TV series ''The Six Million Dollar Man'' * Steve Frazelli, in the film ''The Italian Job'' * Steve Freeling, in the films ''Poltergeist (1982 film), Poltergeist'' and ''Poltergeist II: The Other Side'' * Steve Hale, in the American sitcom ''Full House'' * Steve Harrington, in the Netflix series ''Stranger Things'' * Steve Holt (Arrested Development), Steve Holt (''Arrested Development''), in the Fox TV series ''Arrested Development'' * Steve Johnson (Days of Our Lives), Steve Johnson (''Days of Our Lives''), in the American soap opera ''Days of Our Lives'' * Steve McDonald (Coronation Street), Steve McDonald, in the British soap opera ''Coronation Street'' * Steve Owen (EastEnders), Steve Owen (''EastEnders''), on the British soap opera ''EastEnders'' * Steve Rhoades, from the American TV sitcom ''List of Married... with Children characters#Steve Rhoades, Married... with Children * Steve Rogers, the civilian alias of Captain America * Steve Sanders (90210), Steve Sanders, a character in the TV series ''Beverly Hills, 90210'' * Steve Taylor, a character in the 2008 British slasher movie ''Eden Lake#Cast, Eden Lake'' * Steve Toyota, a character in the 1992 TV comedy ''Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation#Cast, Revenge of the Nerds III'' * Steve Trevor, character in the DC Comics and 1970s television series ''Wonder Woman'' * Steve Urkel, in the TV series ''Family Matters''

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