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Steve Coast
Steve Coast
(born 20 December 1980) is a British entrepreneur and the founder of the OpenStreetMap
community-based world mapping project and CloudMade, a geography-related company.


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Early life[edit] Coast grew up in Walderslade
and London, England. Career[edit] Coast interned at Wolfram Research
Wolfram Research
before studying computing science at University College London
(UCL).[2] In July 2004, he founded the OpenStreetMap
project (OSM).[3] Coast set up Z.X.V. Ltd. with Nick Black, Tom Carden and Ben Gimpert as a technology consultancy in 2005. In 2008 this became CloudMade after investment by Nikolaj Nyholm and Sunstone Capital (company's website claims it was established in 2007[4]).[5] He resigned from CloudMade in October 2010,[6] although he remained a shareholder.[citation needed] On 23 November 2010, Coast announced that he had accepted a position as Principal Architect at Microsoft's Bing Mobile.[7] On 3 September 2013, Coast wrote on his blog that he had started to work for TeleNav, taking care of OSM development for the company's Scout navigator.[8] In March 2014, Coast became an advisor to Auth0, an identity-as-a-service provider.[9] In November 2015, Coast published "The Book of OSM". The book contains 15 interviews conducted by Coast with some members that participate of the project since the beginning.[10] In January 2016, he stepped down from full-time work at TeleNav[11] and started his work as a board advisor in Navmii.[12] In March 2016 he started working as Chief Evangelist for what3words.[13][14] In May 2016 he became an advisor in MapJam.[15] Personal life[edit] In 2008, Coast moved to the US, first to San Francisco
San Francisco
and later to Colorado. In November 2010 Coast wrote that he would be moving to Seattle, Washington, USA.[16] He moved back to Colorado
in 2013. References[edit]

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