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Stelia Aerospace
Stelia Aerospace
(stylised STELIA Aerospace) is a company that designs and manufactures aerostructures, pilot seats and premium class passenger seats for aircraft and airlines. Stelia Aerospace
Stelia Aerospace
was created on 1 January 2015 by the merger of two Airbus
business units: Aerolia and Sogerma.[citation needed] The company is owned by Airbus, and is headquartered in Toulouse, France.[citation needed]


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History[edit] SOGERMA[edit] SOGERMA (SOciété Girondine d'Entretien et de Réparation d'Militaires Avions ) was a French company founded in 1924 with its origins in the early days of aviation.[1] Until a restructure in 2006, the company undertook MRO activities; after this the company further developed its aerostructures and seats business.[citation needed] AEROLIA[edit] AEROLIA SA was founded on 1 January 2009, as a spin-off of Airbus France's aerostructures activities. This involved the Méaulte and Saint-Nazaire industrial plants, with a part of Toulouse
design office.[citation needed] This outsourcing operation was part of Airbus global strategy to focus its activities on its core business, involving several other Airbus
spin-offs (selling-off the Filton (UK) site component manufacturing activities to GKN, and the creation of Premium Aerotec
Premium Aerotec
in Germany).[citation needed] Merger[edit] Stelia Aerospace
Stelia Aerospace
was created on 1 January 2015 by the merger of Aerolia and Sogerma.[citation needed] Business activities[edit] Stelia Aerospace
Stelia Aerospace
has 3 main business segments:

Aerostructures Premium class airline seats (First, Business, Premium Economy) Pilot seats

Stelia Aerospace
Stelia Aerospace
also manufacturers aircraft interiors. Aerostructures[edit]

Wings of an ATR being delivered to Toulouse
Final Assembly Line.

Stelia Aerospace
Stelia Aerospace
designs and manufactures fully equipped aircraft fuselage sections from the nose to the rear, wings and special Work Packages such as main landing gear bay, A400M ramp door, helicopter tail boom.[citation needed] On top of it, the company also designs and manufactures aerostructures complex detailed parts, in composite and metallic, including an important tubes & pipes activity. STELIA Aerospace claims to be one of the very few companies able to provide a fully equipped section (metallic and/or composite fuselage section, with all the tubes and wiring systems integrated), developing the “plug and fly” concept.[citation needed] - ATR wings fully equipped and tested up to the final test benches. - Central section of the Bombardier large business jet Global 7000/8000 central section. - Beluga XL nose section and cargo door fully equipped with its systems (electrical, hydraulic, air conditioning, oxygen, waste water, etc.), More recently, STELIA Aerospace has been selected at Paris Airshow 2015 by Airbus, to design and build the nose section, and the cargo door as well. This new contract is a new fully equipped section example for the French company. Premium class passenger seats[edit] Stelia Aerospace
Stelia Aerospace
develops and manufactures a large range of first and business class seats.[citation needed] Crew seats[edit] Stelia Aerospace
Stelia Aerospace
designs and manufactures all Airbus
family aircraft crew seats.[citation needed] It also equips Airbus
Helicopters and several business jets.[citation needed] Locations[edit] Stelia Aerospace
Stelia Aerospace
is a global business with 11 worldwide industrial facilities, with supporting offices.[citation needed]

Location Country / Region Facility type Notes

Toulouse France Industrial Headquarter functions and core-engineering

Méaulte France Industrial Nose assembly and large composite

Rochefort France Industrial Section assembly and seats

Saint-Nazaire France Industrial Detailed parts

Mérignac France Industrial Wings

Salaunes France Industrial Composite detailed parts

M Ghira Tunisia Industrial Detailed parts and assembly

Casablanca Morocco Industrial Composite detailed parts and assembly

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Canada Industrial Composite detailed parts

Mirabel, Quebec Canada Industrial Section assembly

Hamburg Germany Support office Airbus
Final Assembly Lines support

Bangkok Thailand Support office Commercial offices

Seattle USA Support office Commercial offices

Los Angeles USA Support office Commercial offices

Miami USA Support office Commercial offices, and airline support

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Support office Airline support

Singapore Singapore Support office Airline support

Beijing China Support office Airline support


^ "Company Overview of EADS Sogerma S.A." Bloomberg. Retrieved 7 April 2016. 

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Stelia Aerospace
Stelia Aerospace
official website Stelia North-America official website

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