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Stefan is a masculine given name related to the English name Stephen. For the Romanian version, see Ștefan. Some better known people with the name Stefan are listed below. For a comprehensive list see All pages beginning with "Stefan". Medieval period:

Ordered chronologically

Stefan Vojislav
Stefan Vojislav
(died 1043), Serbian Byzantine governor and Prince of Duklja Stefan (Archbishop of Uppsala), Sweden, (before 1150–1185), first archbishop from 1164 to 1185 Stefan Nemanja
Stefan Nemanja
or Stefan I, Nemanja (c. 1109–1199), grand prince of the Serb state of Raška Stefan Nemanjić
Stefan Nemanjić
or Stefan II, Nemanja (1176–1228), proclaimed King of Serbia in 1217 Stefan Radoslav of Serbia
Stefan Radoslav of Serbia
(c. 1192-c. 1235), King of Serbia, son of Nemanjić Stefan Vladislav I of Serbia
Stefan Vladislav I of Serbia
(died after 1264), son of Stefan Nemanjić Stefan Dragutin
Stefan Dragutin
(died 1316), King of Serbia, son of Stefan Uroš I Stefan Uroš II Milutin of Serbia
Stefan Uroš II Milutin of Serbia
(1282–1321) Stefan Vladislav II of Syrmia
Stefan Vladislav II of Syrmia
(1321-c. 1325) Stefan Uroš III Dečanski of Serbia
Stefan Uroš III Dečanski of Serbia
(1321–1331) Stefan Uroš IV Dušan of Serbia
Stefan Uroš IV Dušan of Serbia
(Dušan the Mighty) (1331–1355), king 1331–1346; tsar 1346–1355 Stefan Uroš V of Serbia
Stefan Uroš V of Serbia
(Uroš the Weak) (1355–1371), tsar Stefan Lazarević
Stefan Lazarević
(c.1377–1427), Serbian despot Stefan Lochner
Stefan Lochner
(c.1410–1451), German painter Stefan Branković
Stefan Branković
(c.1417–1476), Serbian despot Stefan I Crnojević
Stefan I Crnojević
(1426–1465), Lord of Zeta (Montenegro) 1451–1465 Stefan II Crnojević, lord of Zeta (Montenegro) 1496–1499

Modern era:

Stefan Andres
Stefan Andres
(1906–1970), German novelist Stefan Banach
Stefan Banach
(1892–1945), Polish mathematician Stefan Bellof
Stefan Bellof
(1957–1985), German racing driver Stefan Bogoridi
Stefan Bogoridi
(1775–1859), Ottoman statesman of Bulgarian origin Stefan Bradl
Stefan Bradl
(born 1989), German motorcycle racer Stefan Czarniecki
Stefan Czarniecki
(1599–1665), Polish nobleman, general and military commander Stefan Edberg
Stefan Edberg
(born 1966), Swedish tennis player Stefan Effenberg (born 1968), German footballer Stefan Everts
Stefan Everts
(born 1972), Belgian motocross racer Stefan George
Stefan George
(1868–1933), German poet, editor, and translator Stefan Groothuis
Stefan Groothuis
(born 1981), Dutch speed skater Stefan Hell
Stefan Hell
(born 1962), Romanian-born German physicist Stefan Heym
Stefan Heym
(1913–2001), pseudonym of Helmut Flieg, German writer Stefan Holm
Stefan Holm
(born 1976), Swedish high jumper Stefan Ilsanker (born 1989), Austrian footballer Stefan Johansen
Stefan Johansen
(born 1991), Norwegian footballer Stefan Kießling
Stefan Kießling
(born 1984), German footballer Stefan Koubek
Stefan Koubek
(born 1977), Austrian tennis player Stefan Kraft
Stefan Kraft
(born 1993), Austrian ski jumper Stefan Küng
Stefan Küng
(born 1993), Swiss cyclist Stefan Koch (born 1964), German basketball coach Stefan Kuntz
Stefan Kuntz
(born 1962), German footballer Stefan Lindemann
Stefan Lindemann
(born 1980), German figure skater Stefan Liv
Stefan Liv
(1980–2011), Polish-born Swedish ice hockey goaltender Stefan Löfven
Stefan Löfven
(born 1957), Swedish politician, Prime Minister of Sweden since 2014 Stefan Lövgren
Stefan Lövgren
(born 1970), Swedish handball player Stefan Lux (1888–1936), Slovak journalist Stefan Maierhofer
Stefan Maierhofer
(born 1982), Austrian footballer Stefan Majewski
Stefan Majewski
(born 1956), Polish footballer Stefan Mappus
Stefan Mappus
(born 1966), German politician Stefan Marković
Stefan Marković
(born 1988), Serbian basketball player Stefan Mitrović
Stefan Mitrović
(born 1988), Serbian water polo player Stefan Nimke
Stefan Nimke
(born 1978), German track cyclist Stefan Nystrand (born 1981), Swedish swimmer Stefan Olsdal
Stefan Olsdal
(born 1974),Swedish rock guitarist Stefan Persson (born 1947), Swedish business magnate Stefan Pettersson (born 1963), Swedish footballer Stefan Petzner
Stefan Petzner
(born 1981), Austrian BZÖ politician Stefan Raab
Stefan Raab
(born 1966), German entertainer, comedian, musician and TV host Stefan Rehn
Stefan Rehn
(born 1966), Swedish football player and manager Stefan Reinartz
Stefan Reinartz
(born 1989), German footballer Stefan Reuter
Stefan Reuter
(born 1966), German football player and manager Stefan Rowecki
Stefan Rowecki
(1895–1944), Polish general, journalist and leader of the resistance during World War II Stefan Ruzowitzky
Stefan Ruzowitzky
(born 1961), Austrian film director and screenwriter Stefan Savić
Stefan Savić
(born 1991), Montenegrin footballer Stefan Schwarz
Stefan Schwarz
(born 1969), Swedish football player and manager Stefan Schumacher
Stefan Schumacher
(born 1981), German road racing cyclist Stefan Sofiyanski (born 1951), Bulgarian mayor of Sofia and interim Prime Minister of Bulgaria Stefan Stambolov (1854–1895), Bulgarian journalist, revolutionist, poet, Prime Minister and regent Stefan Strandberg
Stefan Strandberg
(born 1990), Norwegian footballer Stefan Toshev
Stefan Toshev
(1859–1924), Bulgarian General during World War I Stefan de Vrij
Stefan de Vrij
(born 1992), Dutch footballer Stefan Wallin
Stefan Wallin
(born 1967), Swedish-Finnish politician, Minister of Defence Stefan Wul (1922– 2003), pseudonym of Pierre Pairault, French science fiction writer Stefan Wyszyński
Stefan Wyszyński
(1901–1981), Polish prelate of the Roman Catholic Church Stefan Żeromski
Stefan Żeromski
(1864–1925), Polish novelist and dramatist Stefan Zweig
Stefan Zweig
(1881–1942), Austrian novelist, playwright, journalist and biographer

Fictional characters:

Stefan Salvatore, in The Vampire Diaries novel and TV series Stefan DiMera, a fictional character in Days of Our Lives

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