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Steeves is a surname, and may refer to:

Burpee L. Steeves (1868–1933), American politician from Idaho; lieutenant governor of Idaho 1905–07 David Steeves (1934–1965), U.S. Air Force officer initially accused of giving a jet to the USSR during the Cold War; subsequently exonerated when the crash site was discovered many years later in a remote area in the mountains of California. George Steeves (born 1945), Canadian art photographer Gord Steeves (contemporary), Canadian city councilor from Winnipeg, Manitoba Manoah Steves (nineteenth century), founder of Steveston, British Columbia Tim Steeves (contemporary), Canadian comedian and writer Wayne Steeves (born 1944), Canadian politician from New Brunswick; provincial legislator William Henry Steeves
William Henry Steeves
(1814–1873), Canadian merchant and politician; one of the Fathers of Canadian Confederation[1] Heinrich Stief (1718-ca.1779), founder of the Steeves family in North America

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